Doreen Dietel has only one goal: the jungle Queen, this ambition has a very specific reason

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Actually, the actress Doreen Dietel (44) is not related by marriage or with the legendary Director Helmut Dietl (1944-2015), a love. Much too well-behaved for the RTL jungle camp, where you rumquält currently, more or less. “Intrigue are an abomination,” it says on your Homepage. You wear “the heart on the tongue, and she manages to motivate her direct manner, her environment, even in difficult moments.”

The following sounds: mother of the company. Unfortunately, Doreen Dietel is probably too sensitive, because on Sunday the whole sorrow of the last years broke out in the glow of the campfire from her. Doreen complained bitterly to an end at Bayern-Soap “Dahoam is Dahoam”. She was flown after ten years from the series, why, that, you know, up to today.

In “Dahoam is Dahoam” was Dietel something of a cult status. You played since 2007, Trixi Preissinger, a native of Saxon, who comes from East Germany to Munich, there to “Miss Bavaria” is selected and takes it in the series-the village of Lansing. The Vita of this figure is on a par with that of their actress to compare.

So promising began to Doreen Dietels career

Doreen Dietel, born in Zeulenroda/Thuringia, grew up on a farm in Saxony, completed in the former GDR, the usual ten-year education before moving to a departure request of their parents in 1989, after West Germany. The family moved to a residence in the Harz mountains in lower Bavaria, where Doreen concludes in Straubing, a teaching to the retail trade purchase woman. Secretly, however, she has a very different idea of life.

As Trixi Preissinger also Doreen Dietel from the glitz and Glamour of the public presence dreams. You can be at the school theater in Munich as an actress to train. The Institute has brought Stars such as Lisa Maria Potthoff or Silke floor Bender. Also, Doreen Dietel seems to go this way. Still in training, they rotate with Uschi glass, the TV-movie “Secret dance” and plays with, also on the side of Uschi glass, in the TV series “Sylvia-A class for itself”.

Before you enter 2007 as Trixi Preissinger in “Dahoam is Dahoam”, participates in numerous television productions, including “SOKO Munich” or in adaptations to Rosamunde Pilcher and Utta Danella. In 2007, she undresses for Playboy and graces the Cover. In the case of “Dahoam is Dahoam” belongs to the regular cast. Then, in 2017. “We have to get each year, an extension of the contract. Always for the next year… I was there every day, haven’t missed a day due to illness. Even in pregnancy I was there for nine months, still every day. And then it was eventually: ‘Doreen, your contract is not extended. The story of your role is chosen.”

For the end of the Trixi Preissinger the TV makers have a Alzheimer’s disease of the character conceived. Trixi decides to leave her husband, Mike price, singer (Harry Bright), in order to spare him the care of a dementia patient. She moves in with her mother and the local pastor letters to your loved one, which, however, will only be handed out after your death. Then she disappears from the series.

the creators

tell you that, “I’m 1,000 percent on zero down,” says the actress. “There were days where I got up early, got the Little one in the nursery, drove to the Set, and have rotated. I’ve been busting my butt.” The Job at the Bavarian television have always stood in the first place. A decision that you regret today. “I have not left my child home alone, so I ignored my Team. I decided to work and my child left at home. This is the thanks I get. It makes me sad.”

the series could not have located. “I didn’t gezickt, on the contrary. I’ve always hung out with the Team like this. If others complain, I always said: Come on, just leave it, that’s fine. I’m the one, the maintenance is always extremely easy.” Also, many Fans of the series didn’t like the end of Trixi preissinger. On the Facebook page of the series, a User writes: “it’s a Pity that it has ended the role of the Trixi so unrealistic”, or: “I’m extremely shocked, because such a open end I would not have expected.”

The end of “Dahoam is Dahoam” meant for Doreen Dietel is the way to in the unemployment. New roles, the actress returns to her unnaturally full mouth. 20 years ago you had can be spontaneous at a Party a physician with a silicone lip injections. They swelled again, on the contrary, It is the inner scars and Knots were formed.

she has a suicide attempt

Doreen Dietel was so desperate that she has made a suicide attempt “I had been drinking, was home alone and I have cut open then veins the pulse.” Because of their rubber boat lips, the orders were missing, they said in 2014, the RTL magazine “Exclusive”: “I’ve messed up my whole life.”

In may 2014 was born their son, Marlow. His father is the Designer, Tobias Guttenberg, from the actress last summer separated. “The passion is lost,” she said to the “image”. She wanted a lover and not a brother or son.

Currently, she leads a Café and a Bistro on the lake Tegernsee and is now hoping for the crown of the jungle camps. For herself and her four-year-old son. Also, you want to create it once again on the cover of playboy.

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