chain letters are messengers such as Whatsapp continues to be extremely popular. Sometimes there are nice Rührgeschichten, and other times it should serve for Inspiration. But of course, scammers try their luck and send Pseudo-contests and rip-off traps – such as in this current case. The recent chain letter stirs up attack panic before the alleged hack. But you have to fear?

accept The chain letter warns that a contact named “Ute teaching”. As a result, the hard disk would be read and destroyed. In addition, the alleged Virus is supposed to eat through the contact list, and all of the infect. Furthermore, it will warn about Calls from a specific phone number, to hack the Smartphone. In a panic, you do not need to expire so but.

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This chain letter makes currently Whatsapp the round



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Because the warning message via Whatsapp is not up to date and new. A nearly identical chain letter making the rounds, the dangerous contact was already Ute Christoff, Marcel Hohmann, Christian Wick and Domenik Beuting. We already reported about it. The Text remains largely the same, even the same phone number was already available in previous messages. Who is calling you, but no Hacker, but only note that it is not awarded.

Also, that a Virus is spread through the contact list, is not happening on Smartphones. The Smartphone’s memory, he can’t destroy anyway. To crack a cell phone call, has not been achieved yet.

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attack via Messenger contact

Only a hazard has occurred in the last time, actually, although in a highly modified Form, With a faulty contact file, it was a security expert managed to the Messenger App on the iPhone to shoot down. It was only after the Retrieve of a specific rescue left open. According to some users of the “attack” even when Android is said to have works Smartphones. With a Virus that has nothing to do – and with Whatsapp anyway.