robot vacuum are in demand – because they make the house work much easier. Also this year, sales will increase back to 30 percent. And that is no wonder. Many new household appliances are just a bit fancier and smarter than their predecessors, however, the suction robot promises to be a real Saving – annoying – time.

Where you previously had to go with the classic vacuum cleaner itself through the apartment, the robot all alone. Best of all, if nobody is in the house. Where you had to be flat on the floor, with the suction pipe under the bed and the Couch, wandering around bustling around a small disc effortlessly.

But a robot can cost more than 1,000 euros, a purchase should be well considered. These criteria will help you.

Must it be Premium?

robot vacuum are expensive. A good vacuum cleaner with a cable you can get for under 200 euros, the top machines below the suction robots cost 800 euros and more. But there are also cheaper Alternatives. Also of brand name devices, you can get the previous generations, significantly cheaper – they cost between 400 and 600 Euro. You are not just smart, navigate so elegant and probably also no maps of the apartment.

Significantly cheaper Asia devices, which are offered under various trade names. For more modest claims they also. Who inhabited a Two-room apartment no children or Pets, it can also let a vacuum cleaner of the 200-Euro price class clean.

The expensive devices not only offer more Gimmicks, they suck in General.

vacuum robot

Botvac D7 Connected – The new Generation of vacuum robots is smarter and sucks better

Gernot Kramper

In a large apartment with a long-pile carpets, a direct access to a garden and maybe even a hair dog, we do not recommend a cheap device, then you should not save.

How often do you want to make your fingers dirty?

Who lives as a Single in an apartment with glossy parquet apartment, produces little debris. According to little, the robot collects. With flusenden carpets and lots of hair of animals and people in the apartment looks different, the small dirt container is then daily and will be distributed. This is always associated with dust and dirt. If this is too gross, you need to look for a vacuum cleaner with docking station. These devices do not charge at the base station, only the power, also, your little Dirt-vault is emptied. The dirt ends up in the larger container to catch the Station. The new flagship of the Roomba, even in a bag.

However, there are very few models on the market that dispose of your dirt so hygienic. The selection is so small.

How sensitive you and your institution?

New and expensive devices have better Sensors. You recognize the walls and furniture better, and corners not so easy. Previous generations suck, maybe even quite well, scar, but also in wall and furniture along. Some devices get rid with violence of a bottleneck. In the traces.

If you want to avoid this, you need to check exactly according to the built-in Sensors and the sensitivity of the device. A too-gentle device, which avoids corners and “dangerous”, is not clean.

Tend to the elaborate and expensive equipment to go with the device.

you Want to protect specific zones?

there Is soil on the regions in which the robot has to search for nothing, for example, because of their light curtains lying in waves on the floor? Or because there are children zones, where the Robot is not the toy to one eye? Then you need to invest in a device that creates a Plan of the apartment, in the you by App No-Go lines can create. You do not need, such zones are to view the floor plans are quite nice, but actually unnecessary.

you have an allergic reaction to “Chaos”?


i7+ from iRobot – understand crack new Robo-vacuum brings the dirt yourself away

Gernot Kramper

A “smarter” robot, to measure the room and work on it systematically. Typically first cleaned the edges and then the surface is scanned line-by-line. On a carpet the exact lines of Suction show later trains. A cheaper robot is not so smart. He cleans the room after a chaotic random system. The device takes slightly longer, ultimately, he is sucking but every stain. However, some buyers sucks the chaotic approach. You belong, you need to buy a smarter and more expensive device.

Check your problem areas

Before you decide which robot suits you, you should clarify whether they are self-robot are compatible. You should like to leave everything on the floor, is that a difficult relationship. Whether LEGO bricks, handkerchiefs, laces of shoes, or cell phone cable: The robot sucks in everything mercilessly. And: He swallowed it and remains nicked up on the floor. After that, you have to operate with the tips of fingers or a pair of pliers, the little LEGO bricks out of it, or the laces of the brush roll.

A major Problem is also the hair that are so long that they wrap around the brushes, whether of man or animal.

The structured and neat it looks on the ground, the better the robots can handle.

Check whether there are insurmountable obstacles in the apartment. Then you need to make sure that your device can defeat such obstacles. Because expensive equipment can fail due to long-pile carpets, and door sills.

there Are empty hours in the apartment?

At best, the robot works alone, in the hours in which no man is in the apartment. The little things make a lot of noise, and working, depending on the size of the apartment also for long periods. Who wants to work at a Desk, will be regarded as very disturbing. Those who sit while in the office, is happy about the cleaned apartment.

the robot Replaces the traditional vacuum cleaner?

a Clear answer: Yes and no. A good robot cleans a carpet well. The experts of the Stiftung Warentest criticized the lower suction performance, in practice, a robot way makes up for this shortcoming, but due diligence. The robot starts every day, soaks it in the week between seven and ten hours – while you invest with the classic sucker half an hour. But the robot does not go anywhere, he can vacuum upholstery and curtains. So you will continue to zweiten vacuum cleaner need.

How many robots do you need?

As Best a robot vacuum is that it cleans completely independently of the apartment. But that only works as long as they live on a plane. Stairs, or even just a level in the house can’t overcome a device. For each level, to autonomously and periodically be vacuumed, you will need a device of your own. Otherwise you need to the robot at regular intervals from one level to the other bear.

vacuum robot in the Test

test – suction robot are hardworking, but with muscle power, it is clean

The Stiftung Warentest has tested robot vacuum and is not thrilled. The testers complain about the suction power of the small battery-powered devices, a manual vacuum cleaner get more Dirt.

Gernot Kramper