“Among us”: Andrea gets panic, as she threatens to lose her child. Rufus tried to calm her down.

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17:30 Uhr, RTL:

Conor is shocked, as in the case of him actually doping are demonstrated. Desperate, he tries to figure out who has him in this mess. Sina is constantly bossing your boss around, what’s up Bambi against the grain. When she receives a complaint that escalates the Situation. Andrea learns of Benedict’s affair with the Ute and is more determined to do her Baby to abort, until she makes because of a bleeding but Worried about the child.

at 18:05, RTL II: Köln 50667

threaten to despair As Chico and Diego on the puzzles, comes, of all things, by Beate, the unexpected solution. However, instead of a further ingredient of the guys from Ignacio get just one more brainteaser. While Diego is very close to it, to decrypt it, loses Chico hopelessly in a bloodbath. However, he does not suspect that Diego has to guess, again having the help of Beate the resolution…

at 19:05, RTL II’s Berlin – Tag & Nacht

quite unexpectedly, Joe has a lot of fun at the Twerk-rates. On Basti’s request after regular hours, he reacts allergic: To very he connects mentally to the BB with David’s credit fraud. Only Peggy gives things a twist…

at 19:05, RTL: Everything counts

Maximilian and that of his children build a secure future and nothing more to come of debt. But this is exactly the Problem. Michelle felt Moritz’s longing for the ice and finds a way to kidnap him there, although he is not allowed to leave the intensive care unit. Ingos vanity suffers, because he is for Steffi apparently no Option. Ronny recommends him to be a Flirt, to be ramponiertes Ego to Polish.

19:40 Uhr, RTL: Good times, bad times

Nina, that you could imagine, once again someone to get to know New. Maren finds that a cooking class is a good place to do it. And indeed, Nina checks out, the participants there. Tuner feels from his friends with the new business left in the lurch. Paul and Nihat have to understand that the Tuner’s right. The short hand first furniture concerned Nihat. However, in the restart of the worm in it.