Gisele Oppermann can’t overcome to get into the wreck


day three “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” makes two things clear: Gisele Oppermann (31) remains the favorite victims of the viewers and the Alpha male Bastian Yotta (42) and Chris Töpperwien (44) can’t stand each other, so really – which is why it crashes quite a bit.

armed to the beds

After the dispute to the food on day two, it comes on day three back to the fight. There are more residents in the Camp as beds. Domenico de Cicco (35) and “GZSZ”actor Felix van Deventer (22) therefore sleep on the floor. To do a welcome invitation for Bastian Yotta two things: to make a name for Himself as a Team Player, and to provoke at the same time his former friend, Curry-sausages-expert Töpperwien, a little.

“Let’s appeal to us to change the principle of the rotation with the beds,” begins Yotta. “The seniors, we want to protect. What is with you?” he asks Töpperwien. The replies we: “I’ll stay here on my bed! If one of them wins 100,000 euros, I get nothing. I can’t sleep on the floor! I’m not doing that. I have back pain. This is the jungle camp. You come in, everyone takes a bed ready.” The Yotta, of course, quite selfish.

Also, Gisele does not like to give up that luxury: “I can’t sleep on the floor!” Then the former Bobfahrerin Sandra kiriasis and her (44) shares, for the first time: “Can’t not go! So selfish you can’t be now, it is now time for each and every a bed!” “What can the at all,” commented Yotta in the Interview.

Oppermann is not easy to overcome

Not too much, the answer is: On the third day of the Ex-Model Oppermann has to compete to their third test. In “Scrapped” should you dive in a sunken ship wreck, which is, of course, inhabited by all sorts of creatures, for the stars. But we know since day two: The former “GNTM”-a Participant has problems to overcome their Fears.

Although you tried it, but already at the hatch, she remains completely terrified. As you discovered in the water a little Baby crocodile, the doubt is already quite large: “I don’t trust me,” Oppermann the moderators Daniel Hartwich (40) and Sonja Zietlow (50). Although she manages to dip both feet into the water, but she cries. In the end, it does not audit. Zero Stars.

“I would have shot him”

Domenico de Cicco then speaks a word of Power in the matter. It is revolved and point. Töpperwien refuses to accept this decision, which earns him the displeasure of the other campers. “This is selfish”, it Sandra kiriasis and her. But it is hard. But then Yotta involved in the discussion and the situation escalated: “You don’t have to say anything, Bastian”, snarls Töpperwien. “I know exactly who you are. The other here is not,” Curry know-sausages-expert, the far. The decision will be postponed.

Later, the discussion comes up again. Also Gisele Oppermann wants to keep her bed. “Whether you hate me or not,” she explains in tears. You’ll soon leave the Camp, she lets her companions know. Yotta is trying to act. Doesn’t work also. Oppermann asks later at the pond in töpperwien: “Why don’t you want to sleep on the floor?” The answer follows as from the gun shot: “You don’t know that I see myself with a certain Person, so good”, the blasphemous attack against Yotta.

And further: “I think it’s terrible the type. I know what it is for a left Bazille, the type. I get a lot of Mails from his Fans, who begged that I tell him the opinion. How he has cheated with Transfers, with promises – the people never got their money back,” says the 44-Year-old.

Also his daily, early-morning motivation training does not fit töpperwien: “Now comes in here and makes a Motivator and the great Zampano. This is what I hate. I thought that he loses control faster. But he is relatively departed. I lose more of my control. You know how aggressive he is. How he looks, how he throws the wood in. I would prefer to have shot him, honestly,” he admits.

Burdecki flashes

Also between Evelyn Burdecki (30) and her Ex, Domenico de Cicco, it seems to be one or the other unresolved Problem. The 30-Year-old is looking for the interview, however, de Cicco don’t want to seem to take so really at all: “I have no Bock in that the running in the television,” so his justification. Nevertheless Burdecki wish for a clarifying conversation: “The injury is there, and I would ask him, why he did all this to me.”

“I thought, this man is my soul mate. It felt so perfect that I thought, this is my husband,” she says in the Interview. If you ever get back together? “Never,” makes it clear. Eventually you’ll find the Right one.

round three in the bed armed

Again the dispute over the beds escalated. Especially Yotta and Töpperwien get back in the hair. This shows: The beds don’t seem to be actually the real Problem, but their history. After a prolonged period of hostility Yotta will lead a conversation among four eyes – but he gets the cold shoulder: “no, I don’t want to actually talk to you,” Töpperwien. In the end, it remains all the same.

Similarly, when Old it remains the choice of the viewers, who send in the jungle test. To the “hospital” must, of course, re-Gisele Oppermann – the do not need to cry this Time, but directly after the announcement. Surprise: Chris Töpperwien chooses the audience.

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