R. Kelly has to deal with massive allegations apart

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Whether that was really a decision in mutual agreement? At least that is claimed now: As the celebrity portal “TMZ” reported, is the controversial US singer and Rapper R. Kelly (52, “The World’s Greatest”) is now under contract with Sony Music. Accordingly, the record company and the artist to a long and successful partnership had declared a cooperation in the current week. Both sides have agreed to therefore a the end of the course.

The separation is carried out in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the abuse allegations against R. Kelly, and published documentation “Surviving R. Kelly”, in part of old allegations substantiated, as well as new ones are collected. After dissociating several artists – including Celine Dion (50) and Lady Gaga (32) – in the last few weeks of it, it also came in front of the Sony offices in Los Angeles and New York City protests. Several women accuse the singer, she was sexually abused and mentally under pressure. In part, the alleged victims were not at the alleged time of the crime age yet.

The first accusations are already more than 20 years old. Among other things, a process in 2008 for the attention provided, by he was accused, with a then-13-Year-old at the end of the 90s had Sex and to have film footage produced. R. Kelly was acquitted. Also, the illegal marriage of a then 15-year-old and now deceased singer Aaliyah (1979-2001) made in 1994 for eddy and was cancelled after just a few months.