Soon you are back on the screen, the undead of “The Walking Dead”

©Gene Page/AMC

the bite As the first appetite for the second half of the Zombie series “The Walking Dead” has betrayed the SIP channel AMC now, how it will go for the band of heroes in the absence of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Also, the Name of the first episode after the shocking was a mid-season Finale of season nine reveals: “Adaptation”. Caution, the following section contains spoilers to this Midseason Finale.

As a summary, published AMC: “The group reveals a disturbing and dangerous new threat. An escaped prisoner to deal with his past.” The Survivors will come to the cruel gang called the “Whisperer” and whose members disguise themselves as Undead, continue to the bottom of this. You the righteous Jesus (Tom Payne) fell in the mid-term the final for the victim.

In the Escaped may be, meanwhile, only Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 52) that will go after years of captivity, most likely in search of his beloved instrument of death is “Lucille”. 11. February is a certainty, then there is the new episode of season nine to see at the Fox.