Domenico de Cicco is no longer part of the game

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half time at the jungle camp in 2019, and finally takes the RTL Show “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” ride on! The first real decision has been made, and hardly anyone would have expected: Domenico de Cicco (35) obtained on day 8, the least-calls, and thus must leave quite surprising as the first Camp. Meanwhile, Gisele Oppermann (31) to finally make the switch, and convinced their record-jungle test. Otherwise, there were sprained ankles, dangerous, non-poisonous snakes and a number of youth sins.

Doreen mourning of your relationship afterwards

The jungle camp of highly emotional moments that calls again and again. Latest Example: Doreen Dietel (44). She mourns the loss of the camp-fire, namely crying your Exes. You want to go back to Tobi, the father of her child. You have built a “huge shit”, now everything is broken. She wishes simply that she comes back from the jungle, he takes you in the Arm and says: “Come on, let’s try again.” In tears, she confesses: “I love.”

Thorsten Legat screams Gisele to seven stars

“Bye, Bye, Larissa Marolt!” With these words the Moderator receives wich Daniel HART (40) Gisele to its ninth jungle test. On Friday, it provides for a new record: never before a candidate could compete more often. This Time you must allow in the “castle of fun” in the five boulders include and there the stars by using numerical codes of Plexiglas boxes free. Of course, the rocks and all kinds of creepy crawlers, and other Treats waiting in every on the Model…

The Ex-jungle camper Thorsten Legat (50) is given a very special task: He takes on the role of Motivators and saves it with loud and clear words: “Give you a jolt, open your ass cheeks, get in there and do one thing: prove yourself”, he shouts at in the direction of Gisele. And apparently the bizarre Legat fructifies action: All the seven stars fought the Chosen, and makes your new Coach so obviously proud. Even Gisele admits under tears, then: “Thank you for your message.”

Back in the camp, they passed directly to the cleansing in the direction of the pond where it meets Bastian Yotta (42), Evelyn Burdecki (29) and Peter Orloff (74). Bastian can believe the success of Gisele: “How cool is that?! Hammer GeIL!” Peter caught the scent of relaxation for Gisele: “I think that today was your last exam, because now the Other.” Whether he will keep with his prophecy right?

snake keeps the celebrities in the breath

“Here is a snake!” With these words, Evelyn puts your Mitcamper in bright excitement. Immediately, the Ranger on the back and go on a great snake catcher. After the beast is no more to see around the fear. Evelyn announces to can’t sleep. But the snake was poisonous? Hardly…

sins of one’s youth on a treasure hunt

Evelyn and Doreen Dietel (44) may go on Friday together on a treasure hunt, and to assign to a small clearing children photos of jungle celebs the correct name and the small sins of one’s youth. In the process, the viewers learn, for example, that Leila Lowfire (25) flown by three schools, and Sandra kiriasis and her (44) is earlier transforms on a full moon geschlaf.

in addition, Peter betrayed – apparently, in the run-up to the Show -that he was pulled in the early ‘ 80s with Michael Jackson (1958-2009) at night through the streets of New York City. At the end of the examination, Evelyn and Doreen can assign actually, all the sins and names correctly and get the treasure sparse reward: search used a pepper shrub.

Dr. Bob saves Chris

Chris Töpperwien (44) turns out to be as real klutz On the way to flushing, he stumbles and falls, “Ouch. Fucking Shit. I think I’ve twisted my right foot verse.” Limping, he pulls back into the jungle of telephone, rid there of his boot and asks for help: “The ankle is doing way: I have sprained her ankle, and I laid me on the mouth.” Of course, Dr. Bob is immediately and prescribed some rest and ice. Then it should go back soon…

the first big decision of this year’s season was The decision of the day

At the end, of course. Who needs to leave first in the Camp? At the end, Domenico and Tommi Piper (77) shook quite surprising. The audience decided in the end for Domenico, was able to combine the least-calls, and immediately the departure had to compete.

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