The Messerschmitt Me 163 is the only fighter aircraft with a rocket engine, which was manufactured in series and also a combat mission. A copy of the rare machine is in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. This Me 163 Komet was now in the XXL-Scanner from the Fraunhofer development center x-ray technology. So you could get knowledge about the interior structure of the machine, without the need of the unique copy in small parts.

information about the internal structure of

For the Scan, the wings had to be dismantled in four rounds, the machine was then. The Scan provides precise information about the structure of the specimen in the Museum. It came to the end of the war as a test machine in England. “The plane just showed up in Biggin Hill and then came in 1964 as a gift from the British Air Ministry to Munich, where it was restored in 1965 by the Museum externally strong.”

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In the Steven Udvar-other operators to be among the Center of the National Air and Space Museum, another copy of the Me 163.

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the data can be internal damage. It is also hoped to be able to detect which parts are still original and which have been replaced in the course of time. From the Scans later, the exact three-dimensional models can be constructed.

demystification of the miracle weapon

by definition, want to unmask the curators Andreas Hempfer and Felix walking by the way, the myth of the miracle weapon. The “Flug Revue” said Hempfer, “the Me 163 proved to be militarily ineffective and even dangerous for own pilots.” The Impetus for the researchers to debunk the myth of the wonder weapon comes from the fact that these are celebrated play of the “miracle weapons of the Luftwaffe” in a number of computer. The aim of the curators is to put the myths about the progressive nature of the German aircraft and missiles from the final stages of the Second world war.

flood of developments

How it came to be the large number of at least part of visionary aircraft have concepts? The German air force started with the fighter Messerschmitt Me-109 in the Second world war. The 109 was the outstanding fighter aircraft of the late 1930s. But in the war met their aircraft, the Messerschmitt were equal to and even superior. About the British Spitfire machines.

air war

the “Flying fortress” B-17 fought Hitler’s Luftwaffe in the teeth

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it was Then ejected by the Germans for a variety of projects, which should once again win the air superiority. Typical for the third Reich, it was that very many competing ideas. You could not, the low capacity on some of the promising to focus models. On top of that, with great energy concepts have been developed, which can be described as a brilliant Vision, but did not Mature any Chance on a time, near the Front. This flying wing H IX of the brothers Horton or the Science-Fiction include the idea of a stratosphere bomber. The people who worked on these projects, knew the problems, did not want to solve. Your supposedly important war activity, you and your employees finally, in front of the front preserved.

use in the late phase of the war

The Me 163 Komet was one of the aircraft that were even in the fight. This was made possible because of the development of the 163 was significantly reduced and the safety of their own pilots was of secondary importance. What was the special? Thanks to its rocket engine, the Me 163 was extremely fast. You reached about 1000 km/h – 300 km/h more than the fastest allied Fighters. Armed small fighter with two MK 108 – gigantic machine guns, in the caliber of 30 mm, which could also rip up the heaviest Bomber. Was even experimenting with the installation of an automatically-triggered rocket, the SG fist 500 Hunters. Also unique is the extreme climb rate of the machine was, it was ten Times as high as the propeller planes.

As seen, the Me 163 was a brilliant interceptor. Within a very short time, the comet could reach the attack height of the allied bomber formations, then with superior speed and attack with heavy weapons under fire.

New concept

In theory sounds fantastic, in reality, the Me 163 went on to create a number of problems. First, they came only when the war was already decided. The first application took place on 16. August 1944, after the successful Invasion of Normandy and after the Red army, the army group center in Bagration Offensive completely destroyed. In addition to numerous logistical problems, the disadvantages of the concept of the “rocket plane.” The Me 163 was shot like a rocket into the height. But also very hazardous fuel was only enough for about seven minutes of thrust.

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fighter aircraft of the Second world war are alive

The pilots had to let her drive in a height far above the attacking bombers to bear, there was the burning drive. The actual attack had to be done in gliding flight, at a reduced speed. Per use it could be an attack, shot the Pilot in addition, he could not apply, and a second attack fly. He fell in a glide to the ground and had to try to land on a Skid. Also at the landing, there was only one Chance and no second attempt.

Hanna state of crashed

in addition, the Me 163 was pretty tricky. The machine has been tested by the most famous pilot of the Empire. Hanna the state was a gifted Aviator, but also time of your life, a particularly fanatical national socialist. Many of their role from the movie “downfall” is likely to be. She flew the last plane in the siege ring to the Fuhrer-bunker. But even Hanna, the state injured in the landing, your 163. You wrote about your experience:

Ekranoplan Airfish 8

Modern air-to-water-Taxi is based on the design of Hitler’s rocket builders

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“As I was shortly before landing, perhaps a hundred meters in height and maybe 270 km speed of travel had, by caved in you so when you Slip that she fell down, not with the top down, but overall high-speed bagged and open-field hit.”

the state was surprised then, dACE is a “flow of blood from the face down. And when I went to the blood with the Hand, I realized that I had no nose. So I want to make it short, I had gotten me in the fall a four-fold fracture of the skull, the nose was gone, and I had managed to also a two times face, a skull fracture …”

more promising developments

Even if it is to solve the teething problems of the machine and to make the maintenance of the drive easier, the application spectrum of the comet in comparison to the same time developed jet fighters like the Me 262 is very low. Your skills in the attack suffered by the missing drive. Far the future in the rocket technology as the Me 163 the development of the so-called waterfall rocket was. They can be described as the precursor of all the later-to-air missiles.

The waterfall weapon had no pilot, its range was 48 km. The warhead of 300 kilograms, was so strong that one or several explosions, a allied Bomberpulk would have blown apart. Also typical for the third Reich was that of these far more practical weapon was not further developed.

source: flight international

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image band Fighter! Fighter aircraft of the Second world war are alive

At the “Flying fortress” B-17 fought Hitler’s Luftwaffe in the teeth

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