The Cast for “Game of Thrones”Prequel continues to grow

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to report, The yet unnamed “Game of Thrones”Prequel has five new additions to the Cast. According to the US “Entertainment Weekly” are now also Marquis Rodriguez (“Marvel’s Iron Fist”), John Simm (48, “Human Traffic”), Richard McCabe (58, “Notting Hill”), John Heffernan (37), and Dixie Egerickx (13, “The Little Stranger”).

they are complementary to the well-known Cast to Naomi Watts (50) and Miranda Richardson (61) and the previously circulating names Josh Whitehouse (29), Naomi, since then Silvia has appeared (27) and Denise Gough (39). What are the roles of the individual actors, is not yet known.

What will it go?

The branch should also play in the Westeros universe, several Thousand years before the events of “Game of Thrones”. As in the Original series, many locations and characters to be the focus of the plot. In addition to the Original series author George R. R. Martin (70) in his book, “The song of ice and fire” mentioned “age of heroes” is shown, which happened according to the novel, 10,000 years before Jon snow and co.

it’s possible that Fans will see how the wall of the night’s watch is constructed or the house were Stark and house Lannister was founded. When with the Spin-off can be expected, is not yet clear.