the core of the defense of Israel against Hamas rocket attacks is the so-called Iron Dome. Like other defense systems, the Iron Dome detects attacking missiles and missiles with your own missiles to shoot down.

Of systems like the Russian S300, S 400, S 500, or the Patriot System from the United States, the “Iron Dome,” but differs noticeably. It is specifically tailored to the particular threat situation in Israel. He protects, to some extent, the short range – the maximum range of a missile is only 70 kilometers. A battery is built but no protective dome of 70 kilometers Radius. The effective range covers an area of only seven kilometers Radius, approximately 150 square kilometers.

defence on the short-range

This is not to say, however, that the Iron Dome is inferior to other systems, because it is also intended to intercept missiles fired at a lesser distance, must the System respond extremely fast. The Iron Dome should even be able to artillery shells to intercept the heavier caliber.

air superiority

Struna-1 – Russia’s radar, the case against invisible Stealth Jets

Gernot Kramper

A battery consists of a Radar (EL/M-2084 Multi-Mode Radar), a control center and up to four starters with 20 missiles. A unit can simultaneously capture six of the attacking objects. Due to the small window of time, the processes run largely automatically. The System detects a launch, calculated trajectory and impact point and recommends the use of – which can then be released. Additional Feature: The System can distinguish between protected areas (settlements) and areas such as deserts, which are not defended.

Iron Dome uses very cheap rockets

The special Situation in Israel, the Iron Dome is used on a regular basis and not just a case of waiting for the entry to then never. Particular emphasis was placed, therefore, on a relatively cost-effective solution. During a “normal” air defense missile like the RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile by Raytheon between of 640,000 and 800,000 U.S. costs a Dollar, the Iron Dome is much cheaper. A shot should only cost $ 20,000. Each incoming object, the Israelis counter with two missiles, in order to optimize the probability of a shoot (Kill-Rate). The cost is “only” 40.000 US dollars per defense. To alarge extent, the rockets, Israel has introduced since 2017 the System, David’s Sling, much more expensive Stunner be used in missiles.

space weapon

China’s super missile is much too fast for the US missile-shield

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In the past, has proven to be the Iron Dome. Allegedly, the Kill Rate per shot should be at 90 percent, with a double-shot that would be almost 99 percent. However, these details are controversial. However, unlike some of the reports about the supposedly impenetrable shield of Israel have suggested, the System is not perfect, of course. As with all current air-defence systems, the Iron Dome is not capable of ultra-fast hypersonic weapons to intercept. Since the Hamas and also other potential opponents do not have Such, this point is not decisive. More important could be that the attacking objects must follow a ballistic trajectory, so the defense hits the rocket. Modern missiles can change course in flight and, yet, the goal of exact control. You could trick the cost-effective Israeli System.

limitations of the Iron Dome

of Course, the Iron Dome can be placed with a simple “Brute Force”attack to a standstill. Be fired in a short period of time only sufficient to attack projectiles, shoots the defence battery empty. A trailer has a capacity of 20 missiles, sufficient for ten attacks. The swarm attacks all anti-air systems face enormous challenges. In principle it would be possible, a whole wave of cheap missiles and drones to scramble and start the expensive, deadly weapons so that the blank shot defense is helpless.