Angelina Jolie at the Premiere of “Dumbo” in Los Angeles

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Angelina Jolie (43, “Maleficent”) to the super-hero business? The actress is according to “The Hollywood Reporter” in talks with Marvel. Thereby, the Film “The Eternals”, which revolves around a Team of super heroes. Chloé Zhao (36, “The Rider”) is directing.

The comic book artist Jack Kirby (1917-1994) created Eternals are virtually immortal beings with superhuman powers. Besides them, the Deviants, with whom they are in a state of war to exist. Creator of beings, the Celestials, the familiar Marvel movie fans from “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Details about the new Film yet. One aspect could be a love story between the Eternals Ikaris and Sersi, according to “The Hollywood Reporter”. What role could Jolie, is unclear.