It is a celebration: a long time ago that TV was expected to series more so eagerly as the last season of “Game of Thrones”. Two years have passed since the last season. And as much as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video try to score points with the in-house productions: such A phenomenon as the exception to the series you may not have yet. The April program will be able to change it is probably nothing.

In the case of Netflix, it fully relies on the usual mix of older license movies and original productions. Clear Hits are missing, unfortunately. Exciting especially “Quicksand”, the first Swedish Netflix series based on the novel “In a dream you can’t lie”. “It’s You against the Wilderness” is likely to find Fans. Beats up Bear Grylls in the Wilderness – according to the will of the audience. As in “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” only you can decide the fate of the main character.

At Amazon, it looks a little lean. New seasons of Genre series like “Bosch”, “Cloak and Dagger” or “The Tick” do not rejoice, Fans, gigantic successes. With “Spider-Man: A New Universe” but one of the cinematic Surprises of last year for the Streaming service – unfortunately only against extra charge.

All the series and movies, the Overview:

Netflix: New series in April 2019Ultraman – 01. April chilling Adventures of Sabrina: part 2 – from 05. April quick sand – In the dream you can’t lie – 05. April Tijuana – from 05. AprilDas Roman Empire: Caligula: The mad Emperor – 05. April persona – from 05. AprilDu against the Wilderness 10. AprilEin special live – 12. AprilHuge in France – from 12. April Jane The Virgin: season 4 – 15. April my first love from the age of 18. April, Samantha!: Season 2 – 19. April rilakkuma and Kaoru – from 19. April Golden Boy – 22. April Bonding 24. AprilThe Protector: season 2 – 26. April Yankee – 26. April ingress: The Animation – from 30. AprilBAKI: part 2 – from 30. April Amazon Prime