You know it: A group of friends or colleagues together, sitting, one Person apologizes for the short and already is talking about you. Sometimes there are just little things that you do not want to hurt the other, but often also real estates. How about a people is spoken, depends on a rule, whether or not he is present. For iPhone users, one should note something further – namely, if your phone is still in the room.

how it works “Live-Monitoring”

thanks to a feature in iOS 12, you may need Apple’s Smartphone since last fall as a bug abuse. The only thing you need is a iPhone or iPad with the current System, and Apple Airpods. Since the Update, the Feature “Live-Listen in allowed” on the iPhone, the ambient noise and transfer it almost instantly to the headphones.


“Live Listen in” to be Set up in the control center to activate.

to do This, you need to pair only the headphones with the device and in the system settings under “control center” and “control elements” in “Hear” on the green Plus tap. Thereafter, the Feature is in the control window by tapping on the ear icon to call and switch it on. One of the Airpods must be inserted in the ear.

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abuse of the hearing aid

The idea behind it is not, of course, espionage: The Airpods can convert to this way with little effort of a hearing aid. For example, if during a presentation or lecture to quietly spoken. This does not change the potential for Abuse of the feature: as Long as a Bluetooth connection with the headphones, you can listen in, even if the iPhone is behind closed doors.

fortunately, there are clear technological limits. Bluetooth Connections previously available only over distances of metres to tens of metres thick walls and metal can reduce this distance. And also a switched-on microwave can make the connection.

If the colleague with headphones but leaves without the iPhone the space, there is probably still with the estates or office-secrets. Or at least the microwave is switched on.

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