Germany is in the case of fast Internet connections for businesses only in the midfield of the EU countries. A good half of all companies (51 percent) had been in this country with the grid in 2018, a fast Online connection, according to the Federal Statistical office.

Wiesbaden-based authority understands including fixed broadband connections with a data transfer rate of at least 30 megabits per second.

With the share of 51 percent, the Federal Republic of Germany and was therefore somewhat above the EU average of 48 percent. In comparison to the previous year, Germany has caught up significantly: The share of firms with fast Internet has increased by 9 percentage points (42). In the statistics of enterprises with at least ten employees.

The top places in the EU were Sweden and Denmark, where in 2018, three-quarters of all companies had a fast Internet connection, followed by the Netherlands (70 per cent) and Portugal (69). At least quick Internet was widespread among companies in Greece (33), Italy (32) France (31).

in many places, slow Internet is considered to be a disadvantage for companies in Germany, and also meet consumers. The Federal government now wants to create with the new Standard 5G remedy. The frequencies will be auctioned in the spring. The procurement rules stipulate that 98 percent of the households are to get to the end of 2022 access to fast mobile Internet. Critics warn, however, that this rich for complete coverage, especially in the country.