Gisele Oppermann breaks your jungle test “Alarm Cobra 11”

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The Hunger gnawing at all the Camp-dwellers on day seven. Why is that? Gisele Oppermann (31) can not repeat their success of the previous jungles examination. And then, of all things, one who is familiar with eating well, is team leader, is good for the atmosphere also. To make matters worse, it turns out, moreover, that forbidden things were smuggled into the jungle, and a dispute about the toilet stinks to high heaven.

at the beginning of the new episode “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” Bastian Yotta (42) his defeat in the jungle test from the day before still. At the campfire, he blasphemes, in the presence of Eveyln Burdecki (29) about Gisele: “That was the asshole’s number.” He had seen “in Gisele has two faces” and is sure “there’s a Storm coming, and some will wash the mask from your face”.

Evelyn and tax return

Evelyn takes after the conversation with the Camp-Guru Yotta, however, very different findings. Instead of worrying about Gisele and her behavior upset, it is concerned with taxes. Yes, you heard right. Because as Yotta tells her the story of when he was arrested in December 2018, on suspicion of tax evasion at Frankfurt airport, the blonde in the jungle-phone to Ponder. Among other things, they suspected a “very faithful accountant” who was mad because “Basti did not pay the Church tax.”

For all the spectators on top of that then a free of charge tax return for Dummies the top: “I don’t even know, really, what are taxes. You get a sum, and of this amount, taxes will go away Yes. For example, for Offices, the animal shelter, for teachers, for the swimming pool, to the Zoo. For example, at 10,000 euros. Then you have to submit the VAT. The time, six percent, ten percent, that goes up to 30 percent. And the Rest is for me!”

Klostreit and the pan debate to escalate

Less fruitful in the findings of the dispute to the silence of the jungle is village. Someone has left the toilet seat open. An action that brings Chris töpperwien (44) in a Rage. “The sausage man arrives and the toilet seat was up. For me, the brain is amputated. I grade it and to me the ants are crawling in the Butt,” says he loudly. It remains unclear at the end, who left the lid actually open… Evelyn, who does not understand quite what is meant by a toilet seat at all, or Domenico alias “Klomenico”, the lid sometimes on top, because he wants to spare the Person “working”.

another point of contention, especially Chris Töpperwien of the sufferer: the pans-assignment on the fire place. The Breakfast in the Morning, he would set his pan as the first on the fire which he has prepared. But oh dear: “One Minute I look, you have all your pans in here!” It is a rant follows on curry sausage man-kind, which is especially Leila Lowfire (25) against the grain. But if two people are fighting, features two third parties. “Finally, I get to know the Chris from another page”, soars Tommi Piper (77) and Erzfeid Yotta repeated: “I am convinced that the jungle camp is rinsing his mask still down.”

Zero stars and nothing to eat

That Gisele must go back in the jungle, examination, ensures that your Mitcampern for a little bit of a good mood. Domenico de Cicco (35) is from the outset, make sure you no feast is waving: “has a Fuck-all attitude.” And also Sandra kiriasis and her (44), which is used as a former soldier disciplined behavior, has made its judgment already Giseles test: “the body language of zero stars!”

And the bad prophecies come true. Although Gisele is rising under the watchful eye of Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich with the words, “I try to be” hesitant in the Tunnel of the test “Alarm Cobra 11”. Soon, however, the already well-known top-of-the cry of the former “GNTM”-a Participant is heard. A Spider! The fear has gripped Gisele. She jumps screaming from the input and aborts the test, before it has even started. Pity with your celebrity colleagues, to get nothing to eat, not: “everyone will hate me, but I now don’t give a shit.”

This Zero-Bock-attitude seems to be, however, a godsend for viewers. After all, who would have thought it, also on day eight is the favorite victim of the “IBES will have to compete”-Fans. After all, you can record a small record: Gisele equal to that of the previous “jungle testing-record holder,” Larissa Marolt (26), the 2014 impact also had to be in the first eight a day for the examination.

What happened…

Felix van Deventer (22) appoints Chris Töpperwien to the Team chief with the slogan, “A currwurst man never sleeps”. For the other candidates, that is to say: “Starting today, a different Wind is blowing in here!” In the case of rule violations Rambazamba now threatens “the”.

One of his first acts is to transform in the Detective, Chris “Knatterton”, and find out which Camp residents illegally smuggled a watch into a sock. An endeavor, the more difficult, because the main suspect, Evelyn denies it, to hold an unauthorized manner, a clock is hidden. That you is innocent, you want to believe in this statement: “What is a watch? Here the time goes by, anyway…”

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