It feels a bit like the Competition in the razor blade market: until three years ago, a camera with the standard, built-in all two, there are now several models with three Snap on the market. Nokia tops now, but all: the Same five cameras “decorate” the back of the at the Mobile World Congress featured Nokia 9 PureView. However, it is not the only presentation.

Well, As in the last few years, HMD promises for the Nokia Smartphones two years of Android Updates, the current System is already installed. The many more expensive Smartphones do worse.

Nokia 9 PureView – the spider’s eye

Nokia Smartphones brings Although HMD-Global for the past two years on the market lacked a real top model. The Nokia 9 to finally begin. To do this, Nokia is working together with the German lens experts from Zeiss. The spider camera shoots five images, two in color and three in Black-and-White. Then you will be set from the Nokia 9 to a single 12-Megapixel photo. Nokia promises a particularly high color fidelity, many Details and very sharp images. Whether the quirky camera that can actually score points, you must show a Test.

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Without the camera, the Nokia 9, however, is – compared to other top smart phones – not particularly exciting. The OLED Display measures to 5.99 inches, dissolves slightly higher than FullHD. Unlike the competition, there is fairly wide top and bottom margins. Support for HDR10 is on Board. As for the processor, the Snapdragon 845 is installed. This is the currently fastest processor, the first devices with the successor of 855 were, however, already announced. The memory is 6GB for data and there are 128 GB. This corresponds to the current Standards for Premium models. Considering that many of the devices are already longer on the market, Nokia is actually too late. For the price of 649 euros is far below the top models of Samsung, Apple and co., the crack in the meantime, the 1000-Euro matter-of-factly.


The Nokia 3.2 comes with a 6,26 inch large screen, the Design of quasi-same Nokia 4.2 provides 5.71 inch

©HMD Global PR Nokia 4.2: The new middle class

The Nokia 4.2, it is – unlike the Name suggests – not a reissue, but a new model, with the Nokia its new middle-class heralds. In contrast to Nokia 9 you saved to the edge of the display top, the camera looks up by a notch. At the lower end of the 5,71-inch display, an edge remains, however, the resolution of 1520 x 720 pixels. The processor Snapdragon 439 belongs in the lower middle class, depending on the model, 2 or 3 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of data storage are built in. In the meantime, very little, after all, he can be via MicroSD card to up to 400 GB. The camera comes with two lenses, resolves with 13 MP. For the price of 199 euros which is fine.

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Motorola One vs. Nokia 7.1

This 250-Euro-Smartphones solve the biggest Android Problem – but which one is better?

By Malte Mansholt Nokia 3.2: Cheap Alternative?

unlike the 4.2, the Nokia 3.2 is actually the second remake of two years ago, for the first time, appeared Nokia 3. Technically, the device is pretty much exactly on the border between entry-level devices and mid-range Smartphones. The Snapdragon 429, although not particularly potent, for the everyday life of the four core should be enough processor but loose. When storage, it is identical with the Nokia 4.2. The Display is a 6,29 inch, the low resolution of 1520 x 720 even more likely to jump into the eye. According to the predecessors, it appears to be the 13-MP camera for more than snapshots. Nokia promises two days of battery life. The price is 159 euros.

Nokia 1 Plus: The cheap variant

As a very cheap basic version Nokia offers the Nokia 1 Plus, the previous Nokia 1 was mainly found in developing countries. With a cheap four-core processor from Mediatek, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of data storage without real expansion possibility of the Nokia device 1 Plus a real beginner, most customers is not likely to be sufficient. For 109 euros you can’t expect the but also.

Nokia 210: The mobile phone

A real cell phone, Nokia has also in the program: The Nokia 210 is a simple, stable, and can be a little phone calls, and SMS. It holds, however, is eternal: Up to 20 days of Standby HMD promises to create a Smartphone first. And for $ 35. The

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