The Chinese Smartphone promoted Xiaomi wants to put his rivals with a 5G-Smartphone for 599 Euro under pressure. The phone with the name “Mi Mix3 5G” is one of the first devices to support the future of super-fast data radio.

It should come to the market in may. Competitor Samsung announced a few days ago, a 5G Version of its Top-model 10S for the summer, a price was not yet known.

The 5G network will provide significantly faster Internet speeds than in the past, as well as short reaction times, among other things, Video and Games on the Smartphone a boost. In Germany, the auction of radio frequencies for standing in front of a network expansion. It is planned for the end of March, could be delayed because of actions against the procurement rules. Xiaomi revealed on Sunday at the launch of the smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a video call through the 5G network of the Telecom group’s Orange.

The 5G phone of Xiaomi – as well as other currently – presented device on a communications Chip from Qualcomm. Apple with its iPhone could come to the camp of the Android manufacturers in the market, start with 5G devices in the residue. As with Qualcomm, Apple supplies a stalled patent dispute and the 5G communication Chip from Intel will come only in the autumn.