a Few days after Samsung in the Chinese supplier came up trumps Huawei also with a new kind of foldable Smartphone. The Huawei Mate X can be used to expand a roughly square Tablet with a screen diagonal of 8 inches (20 cm).

in Time, Huawei makes its big competitors, Samsung is the first of: The South Koreans go to the end of April to the Start, the Mate of X is supposed to come in mid-year on the market. Also the price does not want to follow Huawei to the South Koreans: The Mate of X is the cost of the cheapest equipment 2299 Euro and about 300 Euro’s more expensive.

Samsung foldable Smartphone “Galaxy Fold” has two Displays: One on the outside for use as a Smartphone, the Tablet screen is on the back, however, as a book – and collapse. Huawei opted for a different concept: The Tablet screen is so broken that it remains on the outside and on both sides of half-size can be used. If you hold the folded phone in Hand, remains the screen on the bottom of the page is disabled. At the same time, however, thanks to the second Display, for example, people who you’re shooting, the Live image of the camera to see.

The Mate of X, It is the fastest foldable Smartphone, the new mobile radio standard 5G support, underscore Huawei at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday. Huawei fast network is in the construction of the super currently a leading network equipment supplier, is in the West, however, due to safety concerns and under pressure.

the Mate of X is convolved with a specially designed joint, the Design. It was a sophisticated technology from more than a hundred components, the developers have worked for over three years, said Huawei Manager Richard Yu. When the folded state is emerging with no space in between, had been a challenge, “against the laws of physics”. In the folded state, a 6.6 inch large OLED Display on the “front page”, on the “backside” of a 6.38 inch large screen. Folded up, the Mate of X is only 11 mm flat. Thanks to a slightly thicker bar with function buttons and the Leica camera lens is to make the device comfortable to hold.

Foldable phones could be the solution for a current Problem for many users, – said Analyst Francisco Jeronimo of the research company IDC in Barcelona. “You always want bigger screens for applications such as Video – but there is a limit to the size of a device that you put in the bag.” Folding Smartphones offer a potentially double the large Display in the usual compact Format. However, there are still several question marks with regard to the usability of the current devices, which should slow its spread – “not to mention the price”. Samsung had already hinted that they hope for a generous subsidy of the “Fold” through the network operators could market the devices your Streaming services.

With the Mate X does not want to establish Huawei in the top tier of the Smartphone market, but also in terms of 5G. Inside a 5G Chipset from 7-Nanometer production, to make the device, according to the company, twice as fast as other devices with the super fast wireless standard in the average and ten times faster than an LTE Smartphone works. Actually, 5G is the first according to the previous statements first, especially for industrial applications (Internet of things), and the functioning of networks in Europe there are only a few. However, the device manufacturers are expanding impatient.

With his first foldable Smartphone Huawei in Barcelona, however, left a little air from a further notice, with the company’s rival Apple. After the successful market launch of its Premium Laptops Mate Book X Pro, the company shall, in addition to two other laptops with a powerful and sleek successor to his flagship. At the thickest point it is only 14.6 mm thick – a 0.3 mm slimmer than the Mac Book Pro 13 inch from Apple, emphasized Huawei Manager Richard Yu on Sunday in Barcelona. The device, unlike Apple’s model, via a Touch Display as well as a fold-out camera in the keyboard. Also on the software side, Huawei to sets: A set of functions to allow the seamless exchange of Text, Videos, and pictures with the Smartphone.