imagine if your iPhone crashes constantly. It freezes, power problems. Debt an incompatible App. At the Apple Store, the employees would be to Express the quite different, because a good part of the words from the error descriptions at the top of the black list. Instead of a problem, he would speak rather of a matter, from “It crashes”, “It closes all of a sudden”. And the App is not incompatible with, but does not work with the iPhone.

So it looks like at least an English-speaking guide for the employees of the Apple Stores. A recent article in the “Guardian”, deals in detail with the principle of the Apple Store, explained the strategy behind the very carefully chosen words. Not to sound a bit more positive than it was pre-loaded words like “crash”, but also the debt of products, and in order for Apple to take.

+++ So it goes to the Apple Store really: Here you will find a experience report of a former staff member +++

Faster RAID

In just 12 seconds, in the rooms of a robber, an Apple Store, from

By Malte Mansholt More than just a Store

for the same reason, not to excuse, the Apple employee also expressly for the failure of the product, at the same time but a lot of understanding for the anger of the customer. Also, there are prescribed strategies. For example, with formulations such as “I’m sorry that you are upset”, the empathy, to show, without assuming responsibility for the Problem. Even ill-informed customers can be soft corrected flushed. “One would think that it is so, but it turns out that…” and similar phrases make it possible to correct wrong assumptions to make without the just.

The language rules are part of the larger Store concept. Apple sees its stores, not only as a selling point, but as a brand Ambassador, in which the customer receives not only products but a whole experience. In 2011, the father of modern Apple Stores, Ron Johnson said in an Interview with the “Harvard Business Review”, that it go only to sales but to build a relationship. “At Apple, it’s the same for relationships as it is about Computer.” Accordingly, under him, the employees were selected according to how well you will find a wire for customers and it could inspire.

Because he was too old?

Legendary Apple developer is applying to a Job at the Apple Store – and fails

Johnson’s successor, Angela Ahrendts drive the concept of the experience – and relationship-store. Only recently, the former Burberry Boss introduced a concept that Apple renamed Stores in “Town Squares”, i.e. public places. People should be able to find together, concerts and more by the way, Apple’s purchase products. Of problems and mistakes you do not want to talk still.

sources: “Guardian”, “Gizmodo”, “Harvard Business Review”

Expensive customer service

Apple, why don’t I like me?

the microphone on The iPhone6 does not work anymore? No Problem, thought the editor, Jens Maier and went to the Apple Store. However, the defective particles in the value of a few cents mutated to the 115-Euro-bill. How Apple zulangt for repairs.

From Jens Maier