Artificial intelligence is, according to the Association of the ZVEI in the consumer electronics a key driver of digital transformation.

The term meet, however, an ambivalent Echo, said Kai Hillebrandt from the Board of Directors of the Central Association of the electrical and electronics industry, to present the results of a YouGov survey.

only 18 percent of the respondents have positive expectations with the technology established so far. If there are areas of concrete with a high degree of everyday use go, however, is a different image. There is a need, therefore, “compelling usage scenarios”.

The appropriate use of KI in the personal daily life, you can imagine according to the survey, in General, 26 percent of respondents. The greatest interest of the consumers (52 percent) intelligent navigation applications, when it comes to avoid traffic jams and high traffic volumes.

The control of networked heating systems using a Smartphone would be welcomed, 27 percent of the respondents. Personal recommendations for the TV-program on the Basis of the analysis of user behavior, 21 percent of respondents would be interested in. The automatic re-ordering of consumption goods, for example, on the smart washing machine half (46 percent), however, just to be unnecessary.

according to The study, given by the ZVEI in the market research from YouGov in order, uses every sixth Respondent already voice control for devices in his home. Most often, therefore, mobile devices such as Smartphones are controlled by language (54 percent), followed by consumer electronics (32 percent) and Smart-Home applications (22 percent). Just under one in five (19 percent) operated home appliances by voice. The greatest interest is, therefore, in the case of the Navigation (43 percent) and in the use of search engines (40 per cent).