times are changing, noted Mark Hamill just the Script

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Mark Hamill (67) gives an insight into the extreme security precautions to maintain the secrecy of the “Star Wars”screenplays. Not even he himself – Luke Skywalker – is now still a copy.

in the movies, “Entertainment Weekly” on the edge of an event in Prague, explained, flew in the script, including a Overseer of the production company, and Hamill should read it and then immediately out of Hand. “Will you come and give it to me and then wait until I’ve read it, so I can give it back. So, no pressure! You can’t keep it overnight. But as it is now.”

Earlier it was quite different: Hamill remembers that he had shared the design with anyone the first screenplay to “Star Wars” yet in the whole circle of friends to hear people’s opinions. “Back then, nobody was interested. Today, it is, as you’d be working at some super secret government organization, as you were in the CIA.” The security measures go so far that the script is printed on dark red paper that cannot be copied, but: “You’ll get a headache of reading,” says Hamill.