Apple’s retail boss Angela Ahrendts leaves to the iPhone group after about five years. The Job of human resources Manager Deirdre O’brien, in addition to their previous tasks, as Apple announced after U.S. market close.

The 58-year-old Ahrendts came to Apple from the top job at the British fashion brand Burberry. To your further plans there are no concrete information. It was only that she wanted to tackle new personal and professional goals.

Ahrendts, among other things, a reconstruction of the Apple Stores was initiated, they were more designed as a place for courses and Events. One of the first tasks of Ahrendts at Apple was to organize the sale of the Computer watch Apple Watch. Their experience in the luxury fashion industry was for Ahrendts of Use.

Apple now has more than 500 stores and more than 70 000 employees in the retail area. Ahrendts got in contrast to their predecessors, the responsibility for the Online trading of the group transferred. She goes in April. Ahrendts’ commitment was announced in the fall of 2013, during your first day of work at Apple on may 1. May 2014 had. Your predecessor, the British supermarket Manager, John Browett, had to leave Apple after only about half a year.

O’brien is already for 30 years at Apple. Before she was appointed chief of staff, forwarded it to the Department, the demand for Apple products before, and for timely delivery of the retail channels was. The change at the helm of the retail business comes as Apple is fighting Sales declines in its most important product – the iPhone.