It happened quickly: the one Who opens the wrong email attachment, or on the Internet incautiously clicked a Link, can ruck-zuck catch a Virus or Trojan horse – with sometimes dramatic consequences, from hacked Bank Accounts to data loss due to extortion Trojan. The appropriate protection of anti-virus programs offer. The eight most popular were now being tested in the current issue of the specialist magazine “Computer Bild”, with surprising results.

Because after it had long been hardly any movement in the case of the best protection, performance, form, of all things popular programs. The programs of Avira, Eset and Kaspersky to land on the last places – and, of all things, because of their poor protection performance. Especially in the case of Kaspersky, the surprise: The Software had brought in last year is a repeat of the test victory.

pest “Lojax”

Undeletable: These Trojan itself is a hard disk drive is not removed exchange

By Malte Mansholt Windows Defender usable

The home is finally Star of the Tests of the pre-installed Windows is Defender. The supplied Windows-protection program could improve massively, overhauled in protection even Kaspersky and Eset – and, although it comes free with every Windows PC. As the programs turn off Windows Defender during Installation, you should consider your purchase carefully: “the one Who installed Kaspersky, Eset or Avira, lowers protection against the latest pests”, attesting to the “computer image”-editor Andy Voß.

As the sole protection, the experts can recommend the Defender, but only if you know how to use computers very well, his data is often secure and also not prior to reinstalling it back scares. All others should invest accordingly rather have money in one of the programs that have performed better. The winner of the test Bitdefender, or the programs of Avast (2. Space) or Norton (3. Place).

Strict Test

For the full Test had been exposed to “computer image” of the computer, tens of thousands of current and older pests, contaminated Internet sites to surf, and also measured how much the programs slow down the computer and Surfing. The criteria were very strict: Even a risk of infection of 0.64 per cent was sufficient to Kaspersky to contribute to the protection from the latest malware is a “poor” grade. It’s better to show G-Data, Avast and the winner of the test Bitdefender: they all have a value of 0 percent.

Nasty pest

A Virus, the Amazon Fire TV sets a lame – behind

viruses and Trojans for the PC and the Smartphone are nothing New. Now, the Amazon Fire TV is infested and needs to work for the pest. The Streaming Box is the Problem not alone.