15. March it is on RTL “Let’s Dance” and Kerstin Ott may 15, with a woman dancing

©imago/Christian Schroedter

If “Let’s Dance” on. March in a new season starts, there will be a very special Premiere: singer Kerstin Ott (37) is allowed to sweep as the first Amateur dancer in the history of the Show with a professional dancer on the floor. Previously, there was only the “classic” pair of dance constellation, so a male celebrity with a professional dancer, or Vice versa.

The “always laughing”-a singer-would find it even funny, and with a man at the dance show, explains how to set up RTL. “For me, it would be awkward to dance with a man. It is nice to show that there are more than this classic dance.” In the few dances they will take on the role of the man. Thus, the popular Format of new sounds. For many, the singer is due to her open way of dealing with their homosexuality as a role model. With your long-term partner Karolina lives since 2017 in a registered life partnership.

This six Stars, sweep in addition, across the floor

in addition to Kerstin Ott RTL already has more prominent candidates for the 12. Season to be announced. Also a presenter Nazan Eckes (42), singer Ella are Finally (34, “Good”), Barbara Becker (52), and singer Lukas Rieger (19, “Bella”), “GZSZ”-actress Ulrike Frank and fashion designer Thomas Rath (52).

The Instagram page of the “Let’s Dance” also published a short Video with Kerstin Ott, in which she shares her joy about her participation with the Fans, even if she was already a little nervous. “I’m in it this Time and am on my doll. Of course I also fear, because all who know me, know that I’m supposed to be the dancing bear, but I’ll do my Best.”