Tim Cook, presented on Monday with some new Services from Apple

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The big new thing from Apple is without a doubt the “Apple TV”, the company has announced on Monday at an Event in Cupertino. However, in addition to the video platform and in-house shows and film productions were shown some interesting new Services. on-the-spot news was, and it was about, especially the presentation of the “Apple Arcade” – a subscription Service for Games to go in the autumn in more than 150 countries at the Start and on iOS, macOS and tvOS devices will be usable.

Exclusive Games in the subscription

More than 300,000 games, there are, according to Apple, currently in the App Store, but “we want to make Gaming even better,” explained company CEO Tim Cook (58) during the presentation. “Apple Arcade” should offer to Release more than 100 new and exclusive games to push which regularly for more titles to add. Players can find the Games directly in a new Tab in the App Store.

All games will be at no additional cost to the subscription to download and playable offline. What costs to the Whole generally, is, however, currently not yet known. For that, Apple assured once more that the company wants to carefully deal with the data of the users. The games offered to collect without the consent of the Users, no data. In addition, it is promised that the Games will be carefully curated, let us hope that among the titles no fun-will be located in cucumbers.

“Apple News+” to bring magazines to iPhone

in addition, Apple announced “Apple News+” an Upgrade for the already well-known “Apple News”Service. Furthermore, it should be in the App editor-curated news, but now more than 300 magazines will be added in addition. For US $ 9.99 per month to receive “+”users, among other things, access to Newspapers and magazines such as “Vogue”, “Men’s Health”, “Esquire” and the “Wall Street Journal”. First of all, the Service is intended to be, however, only in the United States and Canada. In the autumn of Apple News+ come “” to Europe – initially to the UK.

“Apple Card”, a new credit card

With Apple’s payment service “Apple Pay” to active users in this year alone, according to the company, expected to more than ten billion transactions. With the “Apple Card” was presented on Monday now Apple credit card. Customers should be able to use it to pay everywhere, where also the “Apple Pay” is supported. And in the event that the Service is not in a Restaurant or Store to use, there is also a physical variant of the “Apple Card”.

The company offers promising conditions. So there should be, for example, no annual fees and a small percentage of the purchase will go back to the user. For most Germans, the, in principle, a tempting offer is still likely to be uninteresting because the new credit card to come in the summer, there are initially only in the United States.