Jordan Peele celebrates the next big success

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The success story of Jordan Peele (40) as a Director. His directorial debut “Get Out”, received numerous awards, including an Oscar for “Best original screenplay”. Now the multi-talent breaking with his second Film, the horror film “We”, some of the records at the box office. Overall, the Film played on the first weekend in the US alone, around 70 million US Dollar, as the trade journal “Variety” reported. A huge success, but had expected to, among other things, the Studio, therefore, only with about 38 to 45 million dollars.

So We has “” the most successful launch weekend of a stand-alone horror movie at all. Only the two Remakes of the Horror classics “It” and “Halloween” exceeded the revenues of the “We” in the first weekend. Peele’s first Film to “Get Out” played on the first weekend of approximately $ 33.4 million and brought it total revenue of $ 176 million in the United States.