How digital should be the schools? This question is also discussed in Germany hot. About the meaning of digital education is little debated. It is assumed, is argued solely on the cost.

It would not show a view in the USA and the UK, more screen time for students that are educational, perhaps, but so worthwhile. For several years, one can observe the Trend that the kindergartens and schools of the rich Elite of the Internet are not so blessed, as you might expect.

The “New York Times” came in a major report to the simple conclusion: “America’s public schools still promote devices with screens – and even offer a pure Digital-to-kindergartens. The Rich screens banish consistently from the class.”

the results of The Pisa-study

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“Let the kids fight with each other!” America is arguing about German education

ten years ago, it was feared that rich students would get very early access to the Internet. There they would acquire the skills with which the poor classmates would depend without broadband access.

The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) came in a couple of years ago to different results. She found out in a study that educational systems that have invested a lot of money in computers, have achieved in the Pisa Tests, “no significant improvement” results for reading, mathematics and science. The sobering result: “students who use very often, Tablets, and computers, in General, worse than the one you use.”

Meanwhile, the parents of Silicon Valley contact brake on the Internet and to prescribe their offspring have a screen-free lifestyle. In fact, it looks as if the children from simple house hold a lot of time in front of a screen spend, while the Elite wooden toy buys for the next generation. And in the education of the luxury of the expensive human interaction and interactive learning programs spurned.

Real experiences for the children of the Elite

In the case of the executives in the Silicon Valley private – and expensive – Waldorf School of the Peninsula is a popular public school next door makes advertisement for the Learning with the iPad.

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To soft for the Job: lead Coach expects the Millennials

Gernot Kramper

“It will spread out a message that says that your child will somehow be crippled if it looks on the screen,” said Pierre Laurent, to the “NYT”. He is a former Microsoft and Intel Manager. Now he sits in the Board of Trustees of the Waldorf school. “This is the message that comes up in our part of the world not so good.”

The people in Silicon Valley deal with Artificial intelligence and massive amounts of data, so Laurent. But nobody is prepared for these challenges, just because he already has as a child a Smartphone. Beverly Amico, head of public Relations and development at the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, told the Guardian that the parents of your Waldorf technology of the enemy schools. Later, the children should get a high-tech training. But before that, you should be allowed to as a child real experiences and interactions. Only in this way, the innovative thinking would form the skills many employers want.

Human contact costs money

The learning programs are quite popular. Critics say they are addictive, because they are made by professional entertainers. For the public budgets, they have the advantage of being comparatively cheap – because you must pay no people the communication with the students. While the students of the Waldorf School of the Peninsula make excursions in the surroundings and there experiences with real plants and trees, you can see here, the forest is cost-effective over the screen.

Arm in the house of the parents

Single-parasites: The sad end of a Generation that wanted to be free

Gernot Kramper

nearby lay Several studies have shown that screen time and social origin are linked to each other. The sad truth: The further down the social Status ranks, will be the staring longer on screen. Wealthy families choose private schools, many are now inspired at least loosely by Montessori or Waldorf. They value the training of attention, playful Learning, the use of real materials and the development of social skills.

Montessori and Waldorf schools have a different education. One thing they have in common. They are very expensive, in the USA, the visit between ten and twenty thousand dollars per year.

sources: the Guardian, screen-free parenting, New York Times

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Gernot Kramper