Sometimes, there is a new product that is shaping an industry with a Bang. The first iPhone was such a device. And also the Design of the iPhone X had become within the shortest possible time a blueprint of almost all Smartphone manufacturers. For years, Apple managed to put the scale of the industry, the other ran after it. This week, the tide has turned faster than you would have expected. And Apple is in a similar Situation as a few years ago.

The Revolution this time, foldable Smartphones. With Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo have shown a number of manufacturers in the framework of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the largest trade fair in the mobile industry, and Smartphones, to unfold a Tablet. These devices come at exactly the right time: people always use the device more often your Smartphone as a main, the screens are getting bigger, not longer but eventually reach the natural limits, if you can fit in the bag. The Foldables are a welcome compromise to solve the Dilemma.

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By Malte Mans “it Worries me”

For Apple, this could be the Problem. The group plans for this year’s iPhone is only a marginal Upgrade, after all, you want to go with the Trend to three cameras, last year Huawei has started now. (Here you can learn more about the next iPhone.) A foldable Smartphone seems to be not planned. And it could also have to wait: According to the market experts, Rod Hall is its Display technology, Samsung provides at least two years ahead of Apple. Whether the group will sell its technology at all as a supplier for Apple Displays come from Samsung, is not yet clear.

Even Apple founder Steve Wozniak, Apple looks to be in danger for a long time to fall back. In an interview with “Bloomberg” declared the for years no longer active in the business active founder, and avid Apple users: “you are in some areas, such as the foldable Smartphone, not the pioneer. And that Worries me, because I want urgently a foldable Smartphone.”

Apple waited to> long,

Since then, the fear of large Displays, at least, is then: With the iPhone XS, Max and his 6.3 inch, Apple has brought recently the largest iPhone screen ever on the market. It is one of the best-selling models. In comparison to the foldable Huawei Mate X it is still small: Even when folded, it offers the 6.6 inch, it folds even 8 inches.

when comes the folding iPhone?

Whether Apple will wait for the foldable Smartphone that is similar in length, may be doubted. A quick announcement, however, is not to be expected: The models presented so far are not technically impressive, fully Mature they seem. In such a state of the perfectionist group, Apple had demoed a prototype never. That Apple shows no folding-the iPhone, does not mean that there were none. It is very well conceivable that also in Cupertino on a difference that appears only when Apple is satisfied with it.

The strategy later, but with a Mature product to compete, has proven to be for Apple before. The iPod was not the first MP3 Player, the iPhone is not the first Smartphone. The latest example is the Apple Watch. Here, one also had considerably longer time than the competitors. Today, it is not only the most popular Smartwatch – but the best-selling at at all.

sources: Business Insider, Bloomberg

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