The protection of whistleblowers in the EU, Germany stands against the claims of the European Parliament for greater security for those Affected.

The Ministry of justice of Katarina Barley (SPD), currently in Brussels, current negotiations between EU States and Parliament, together with other countries to ensure that whistleblower to a multi-stage reporting procedure need to keep, and only in the last step of the Public are allowed to go.

according to a paper by the Federal foreign office, the German press Agency. The Parliament, however, is that whistleblowers can self-select how to report abuses.

in the face of multiple scandals such as the Facebook data leak-or the Panama Papers, which were only made by a Whistleblower to the public, presented by the EU Commission in April 2018, a proposal for the better protection of whistleblowers.

This provides for Whistleblower initially, however, an internal Complaint within the company before you can apply in the second step, to an authority. Then you should be able to be directed to the Public – for example at media.

The Federal Ministry of justice set up for a significantly enhanced Whistleblower protection in the European Union, stressed that a Barley-speaker. The courage of whistleblowers should not be sanctioned, but supported.

The Barley supported the proposal provides not only a rigid procedure: informants could also turn then immediately to the authorities if there is little prospect that the employer will cover the violations. If there is a significant danger to public interests, it is argued, could go to the Whistleblower directly to the Public. For Barley, it is important to adopt the Directive before the European elections.

Also for France and three other countries, the three-stage procedure is, according to the paper “a very red line”, other countries were in the negotiations, however. In its General orientation, the EU had agreed that the States in January on the tripartite System. On Tuesday evening, the search for a compromise between the EU failed States and Parliament next week, want to negotiate with the dealers again.

the greens and the Left criticize Barleys attitude. “Minister of justice Katarina Barley blocked the best possible protection for whistleblowers in Europe,” said the Green MEP Sven Giegold of the dpa. Barley had to make way for full protection, irrespective of the internal Complaints procedure.

The Left-hand member of the German Bundestag Niema Movassat criticized, Barley point on the side of the corporations. The Public will learn with this regulation until very late, or not at all by a scandal. “The donors, both in relation to the Note, as well as to the population in an unreasonable restriction,” she said.