Kim Cattrall will return in “Filthy Rich” to the head of the family reflected the will of

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From the sinful Samantha from “Sex and the City” to the sinfully rich matriarch: Kim Cattrall (62) in the South of the USA-based soap Opera called “Filthy Rich” back to the television. In it, she plays according to the “TV Line”, the wife of a wealthy transmitter heads. As the in a plane crash, the death, must a widow, Margaret steer, suddenly, the fortunes of the great Monroe clan. Which seems to be getting larger, since there is to inherit a large chunk of money…

As the series Director Tate Taylor (“the Girl on the Train act”), Cattrall will be involved in addition to the main role as a producer on the series. Last Cattrall was seen in the CBS horror series “Tell Me a Story,” her last film for the cinema is dated to the year 2010 and the name of the “Sex and the City 2”.