This is a rare event in the United States. Donald Trump has denounced on Wednesday the existence of a justice politicized in the United States, engaging in a polemic extraordinary with the president of the supreme Court, John Roberts. Judge Roberts, in the face of that Donald Trump had sworn on the day of his inauguration to the White House, had previously helped to refocus the american president, affirming the impartiality of the magistrates. “I’m sorry, the Chairman, Mr. John Roberts, but there are actual judges pro-Obama,” tweeted Donald Trump, accusing these judges make decisions “shocking” hampering its policy of firmness anti-immigration.

The head of the supreme Court is, however, a judge, a conservative, appointed to the prestigious high court by former republican president George W. Bush. The president, Trump accused the 9th court federal courts of appeal in the u.s., which includes California, have taken the decision ” dangerous and misguided “. A judge in california has in effect suspended on Monday a presidential decree establishing an automatic rejection of asylum applications submitted by migrants who crossed illegally the border.

“We should be grateful,”

“It’s a shame,” responded Tuesday to Donald Trump, whose migration policy has often been challenged successfully in the courts these past two years. “It is a judge pro-Obama and it’s not going to happen,” he added, denouncing a court of bias, according to him, the side of his political opponents. “We don’t have judges pro-Obama, or Trump, or Bush, or Clinton “, replied John Roberts, in a statement to the Associated Press. “We have an extraordinary body of devoted judges who do their best to judge fairly those who appear before them “, explained the president of the supreme Court, the instance at the top of the judicial pyramid american. “We should all be grateful to be able to enjoy an independent justice,” added the Chief Justice, who presides over a court with five judges, the conservatives nine, and whose mission is to ensure the constitutionality of laws-edged sword the great questions of american society.

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A quarrel in public between the chief executive and the most senior magistrate in the federal judicial system in the u.s. is an extremely rare event in the United States, especially on the eve of the feast of Thanksgiving which is supposed to be a time of peace and national consensus. The federal judge of San Francisco Jon Tigar ruled Monday that the decree signed by Donald Trump on November 9, was contrary to the law according to which the right to apply for asylum applies to ” any alien who arrives in the United States, regardless of their status “. A decision on the merits is expected on 19 December. The decree is intended to discourage the thousands of central American migrants who dwell currently at the u.s. border, a move described as’ invasion ‘ by the president. Donald Trump has said that he is assured of winning a court victory final at the supreme Court.

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