The trackers promo waiting eagerly for the Friday, November 23, the day of the Black Friday. A day of aggressive promotions from the United States, which marks the kick-off of Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Landed in France, the operation Black Friday has gained momentum, particularly over the Internet. But some prefer to turn the back to the specials.

The network you Want, which repairs including electrical appliances disposed of, has launched the rebellion last year by creating the Green Friday, calling on them to avoid over-consumption. “We found that a lot of what one receives as a waste product is repairable,” explains a spokesperson to the Point. And we wanted to push a blow of mouth against the Black Friday. “

This year, Green Friday has become a association, supported by the Paris city Hall. On Friday, it will propose actions to raise awareness throughout France. “The idea, it is not to feel guilty. It is not anti-consumer, but we do not want the purchase to be compulsive as the Black Friday invites us to do, ” says the association.

More than 10 000 litres of water to produce a jean

indeed, the French still consume more : we buy on average 60 % of the clothes in more than fifteen years ago, yet they last twice as long. When you know that it is necessary, for example, more than 10 000 litres of water to produce one pair of jeans, the ecological footprint of this excessive consumption is far from negligible. And we tend not to think about it at the time of purchase, not when you throw a product whose acquisition was finally proved to be useless.

a Few brands, or brands will join the fronde. The Slip French advance against the current of its competitors and does not offer any promotion for Black Friday. “We strive to be consistent,” says the company, which manufactures its products in France. The brand does not want to ” over-produce, don’t over-store “, and wants to offer its product ” at a fair price : one that pays for the quality of a knowledge of textiles “.

Some go even further. As of 2017, the Camif will close its online retail site Friday. “Black Friday represents the opposite of what we advocate, this consumption made compulsive by a hype to lose the reason, which makes no sense !” explains the company, which says it does not want to ” blame the consumer, but it open my eyes to the power that is hers “.

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