Wilson Ochsenknecht (li.) and Simon Gosejohann to tell what you are in young years, done

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actor Wilson Ochsenknecht (28), and comedian Simon Gosejohann (43) of their own youth-a song of sins sing. You also need to, eventually you will moderate from the age of 17. February, the new film series, “sins of youth – from Shame to Fame” on Tele 5. The transmitter displays early strip of Stars such as Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman (51, “Big Little Lies”) or Kevin Bacon (60, “Apollo 13”) – but also started small.

“Naked, drunk, at night, by the tens”

comedian Gosejohann is for embarrassing actions never really too bad. After all, the majority of TV viewers from Shows like “Comedy street Comedy street XXL” (2002-2013), in which he frightened passers-by on the street in different roles, know him well. But he didn’t skate as a teenager, from time to time? “I wasn’t so bad,” he says. “Naked, I am drunk at night, by the tens of jumps. These things I’ve done.”

he Also had his own experiences with raspberry spirit: “Then we have a shot with new year’s eve-rocket around,” he admits. However, the question of whether such a sin of youth “are somehow charming,” or “really hammered the point in such schemes,”. Ochsenknecht calms him down: “I think everyone has at some point been drinking a bit of alcohol, the young especially, has experienced.”

The history with the Partner-Tattoo

Ochsenknecht can contribute to the topic of “awkward moments” also: “I have painted, hung with eight or nine years with a spray can somewhere a Penis.” An action that also occurs Gosejohann known. “Oh, the penises I have sprayed a lot,” he smiles. Another youth, sin was Wilson even under the skin: “I have the same Tattoo as my partner a long time ago,” he recalls and continues: “This was a bad idea, I can then erase.”

That Nicole Kidman’s youthful indiscretions had to do with a raspberry spirit, or Tattoos, is rather unlikely. The movie “BMX gang” with her, but in any case, to their “Shame”-moments. The Tele 5 shows to kick off the series on may 17. February, then, the “Fame”movie “The Others”.