was presented As Putin’s wonder tank, were appalled, all of the Nato countries: Too modern and too think this is the first tank of a new Generation compared to all the other models. Tanks like the Leopard II are all the same old journeymen and far older than the soldiers they serve. Only in the last year, a Swiss officer noted that the Armata T-14 all other tanks are far superior.

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in Addition, were initially circulated of gigantic Figures, also in the Russian media. 2000 T-14 should get the army up to 2020, it said. A Shock. The Bundeswehr has barely over 100 ready-to-use tanks of the type Leopard II. in Spite of their modernization, you would be technically out of date and also crass. This number was, however, already at the time, completely absurd. If the time for the troops testing and acceptance, would have about 1000 pieces in a year to be built. There are Far from capacity and it would be crazy, too, such tank factories to build.

number of the T-14 shrink

Since then, the Numbers of the huge tank vanish like snow in the sun. In operation, 16 to 20 pre-production models were built for testing purposes. Now the Russian defense announces Ministry that 2019 will be handed over to the first Batch of the troops. The should be twelve production models of the T-14 main battle tank, and four recovery tanks-type T-16. Also, these models will be further tested and tested, after on 9. May be roll over the Red square.

According to the “Izvestiva” to distinguish this first series models of the prototypes. It is believed that the new T-14s will probably have a modified engine and a better transmission system to meet the requirements of the service in conditions of extreme cold and heat. To do this, there should be an optimized target acquisition system. For the time being, the remains of the self-loading A82 125-mm smooth-bore cannon the main weapon of the tank. You will be a stronger 152-mm cannon be replaced, which can also fire anti-tank missiles.

main battle tank: T-14 Armata – the soldiers in Putin’s super tank Fullscreen

sitting in The interior of the tank is a little luxurious, but the T-14 is supposed to be very safe.

©AFP/military Ru 132 T-14 Armata

ordered the twelve piece it will not stay. In 2018, the Russian Ministry of defense has to protect a contract for the production of 132 T-14 Armata main battle tanks and heavy tanks of type T-15 and T-16 complete. The force should run to 2020, about 100 T-14. In the autumn, however, it was known that the T-14 will not be built in large series. A tanks Armada of 2000, the T-14 will not give it. The Kremlin has decided to modernise first of all, the stocks of the older tanks of the types T-72, T-80 and T-90 comprehensive.

Anti-tank rocket

FGM-148 Javelin – the most dangerous Tank Killer in the world

Gernot Kramper

it is To be expected, however, that the production of the T-14 will continue in small groups to optimized the tanks of a lot lot more. It is also conceivable that the T-14 is fast in the Export. Both a cost-effective way, with which Moscow could have its technological leadership to defend.

use the 1. Guards tank army

The first group of tanks is 1. Guards tank Regiment of the Tamanskaya Division. It belongs to the newly established large Association of 1. Guards Tank Army. For you a Name from the Second world war, was reactivated. The 1. Guards tank army is a pure offensive Association – other than the tank forces of the Cold war, the army should also be designed for combat in urban terrain. Here, the Kremlin transmits the Second world war, the concept of a shock army at the present time.

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The Kremlin the 1. Guards tank army equipped with the T-14 Armata main battle tank. With more than 500 main battle tanks to crush any resistance.