The world economic forum (WEF) has in a new Report, urgent action for the further development of the digital world, calls.

It is about a trusting, sustainable and accessible digital world. Otherwise, the threat of a serious crisis. “The digital world is how our natural world,” said Derek O’Halloran from the WEF. “We all – governments, businesses and individuals – have a duty to ensure that they remain clean, safe and healthy.”

according to The Report, the growth of available Internet access in the world significantly weakened – from 19 percent in 2007 to only 6 percent increase in 2017. At the same time, however, was achieved for the first time, the brand of 50 percent of the world’s population, the access to the network. In order to close the digital divide, but more investment is needed, so the authors of the Reports. This is not only easy access, but also to improve the acceptance.

One billion people lack currently is a formal identity, with the help of which you could be in the network cards. In order to be excluded from the growing digital economy, whose value is estimated to 2022, to about 60 per cent of global gross domestic product. Good and secure identity solutions are a key to close the digital divide and to secure the rights of the people in the society.

Cyber attacks can cause, therefore, of the global economy, with annual damage in the amount of up to $ 400 billion. More than 4.5 billion records had been in the first half of the year by malicious software compromised, 2017 be it was, therefore, throughout the year, 2.7 billion data. At the same time, companies would invest in this year is expected to be $ 1.2 trillion for the digital Transformation. Only 45 percent of the world’s population is, however, that new technologies will improve their lives.

the amount of data generated is growing exponentially. By 2020, the Forum expects worldwide more than 20 billion connected devices. It has not yet been clarified, however, whether the data is the new currency for business or a social Good that needed to be better protected. It requires efforts and further innovations, so that companies benefited from the data and at the same time, your privacy will be protected.