The frequency of auction for fast mobile Internet, 5G in the spring of 2019, according to the Federal network Agency in danger.

for this reason, the project of the Federal government to force with the Amendment of the telecommunications act, local Roaming. This is evident from a letter to a Department of the Bonn-based authority to the Federal ministries for transport and the economy. Such a Change even before the 5G auction would cause “significant legal uncertainties and the auction compromise procedure,” the authors warn. The Letter is from the German press Agency. Previously, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported about it.

The local Roaming would be connected to the mobile phone user is in a radio hole automatically and free of charge with the network of another telecommunications group. For consumers this sounds useful, network operators, values, this, however, as the commercial brake pad: Since they would have to leave the competition on their antennas, would devalue your investments in expensive radio masts, warns about the Deutsche Telekom. This concerns the network Agency took account of this, as you introduced at the end of November the rules for the frequency auction and a roaming obligation waived, you wrote only that the company must negotiate with each other, so a negotiated bid.

That, in turn, called discomfort in politics – a leading member of Parliament from the Union and the SPD group set up for local roaming obligation and called on the Federal government, in the already pending telecommunications amendment. Here, they referred to an EU code. To this request the relevant ministries to come now, according to the “FAZ”.

In the Bonn-based regulator, it is now a local Roaming would be “technically very complex and thus difficult to implement”. Such a duty would lead to considerable uncertainty, the Letter reads: “With a view to these uncertainties, it is questionable whether and to what extent a network is investing operators in the further network expansion, especially in rural areas, if he has to leave, in retrospect, competitors on its network.”

the authors make it clear that the policy was intended for better coverage for consumers could be a non-starter and the cover could in some cases be even worse, because there is not a single network operator to build more antennas and to the radio holes in the rural area remained.

5G stands for fifth generation mobile technology. The transfer rate is about 100 Times as high as in the case of 4G (LTE). While private consumers are likely to be in most mobile applications also with 4G to be satisfied, 5G for the industry is immensely important – the company put on a better networking of their machines and to innovations such as Autonomous Driving or tele-medicine, for the ultra-fast Internet is necessary.

Meanwhile, complained about the Green routes on the discrimination of rail compared with roads. Because the duty of care with a Download speed of 100 megabits per second by the end of 2022 sections of the Track with more than 2000 passengers per day. The concerns about half of the 40 000-kilometre-long railway network, stated in the the Federal government’s response to a question from Green politician Cem Özdemir, who chairs the transport Committee of the Bundestag. All other Railways must be supplied until the end of 2024 with 50 megabits. For the requirements for the use of motorways, highways and roads, the utilization is negligible.

Özdemir, criticized an “unfair competition” between Rail and road: “Who wants more people to take the train and goods to come to the Rail, must ensure fair competition between road and Rail,” said Özdemir of the dpa.