Sony’s new Smartphones have lengths – literally. Because there is a good camera, a large Display and sleek Design already in the middle – and partly even in the beginner class, the manufacturer is to delineate a movie Format. The straight line at the Mobile World Congress featured Xperia-models all come with the Displays in a very elongated aspect ratio of 21:9. Fans of the small Compact models, however, will be disappointed.

but First, good news: he was driven After Sony and more complex in recent years, and obscure name – the current top model with the poetic name of Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium is about technically better than the Xperia XZ3 – is now final. The name significantly more manageable.


With the 21:9 Format will Sony market the Xperia 1 as a cinema

©Malte Mansholt Sony Xperia 1: The range-topping

The top model is now called simply Xperia 1. A clear eye-catcher is the extremely long Design. The 6.5-inch Display with 21:9 on the same image ratio as the movies. Although this of course also other benefits such as more content for less Scrolling to stay, it’s called Sony actually borderless movie enjoyment as the main reason. So borderless, the image remains, however. Although Sony eindampft the display frame once and for all, it remains above the screen is still a clearly visible edge. Along with the display format which provides for an enormously elongated Look. If you like, is a matter of taste. Significantly, he is all.

is not Yet trimmed only when you Format the Xperia 1 on cinema. The OLED Display offers 4K resolution and HDR, in addition, the Sound technology is Dolby Atmos on Board. So the Smartphone is like a real pocket cinema. But not only the viewers want to appeal to Sony. With the CineAlta, the group intends to have installed also the camera technology of the cinema. The Triple-camera with a “regular”, of a telephoto and a zoom lens with a 12 MP resolution to film in cinema quality. If that works, you must show a Test.


The large Display offers a lot of space

©Malte Mansholt

Otherwise, the Xperia 1 is equipped technically. Inside the Snapdragon 855, the best freely available Smartphone Chip this year potters. The memory is equipped with 6 GB of lush, as the data memory, there are 128 GB expansion via MicroSD card is up to 512 GB possible. The battery falls with 3330 mAh in order, but would hurt for sure.

The price is Sony on the offensive: The summer in Black, White, grey, and Purple available Xperia 1 will cost a whopping 949 Euro.

Sony Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus: The middle class

Significantly cheaper the new Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus. Replace the XA2 and its Plus variant, the prices are 350 euros for the Xperia 10, and 429 euros for the Plus version. But was slimmed down.

the Displays (6-inch when 10, 6.5-inch for the Plus) does not solve the “only” full HD, HDR there. Instead of the top processor, the Snapdragon 630 or 636 for Plus only middle-class chips. The memory is of the 10 only 3 GB, the Plus Sony bought at least 4 GB. As data storage there are at least 64 GB, also here, he is up to 512 GB of expandable.


The Xperia 10 and 10 Plus distinguish in addition to size when it comes to technical Details

©painted Mans

fetches the camera is a little leaner. In both there is a double-take. The triggers on the Xperia 10 with 13 MP, the 10 Plus, there are nominally only 12 MP, and there is on it, but a Zoom function at the top. Images with depth of field blur (“Bokeh”) can both. The battery is a bit skinny: The Xperia 10 there are 2870 mAh, the 10 Plus, it is 3000 mAh.

The two devices will come very soon after the announcement in the colors of Black, silver and Navy in the trade. With Pink for the Xperia 10, and Gold for the Xperia 10 Plus both also have an exclusive color. A compact model, there is not, for the time being.

Sony Xperia L3: The Cheap

Instead, Sony launched its entry-level model. Because it sets, unlike the more expensive new launches 5.7-inch Display to 16:9, it receives according to Sony, but no new name, but simply follows the numbering of its predecessor. The only remarkable Change in the Design of the iPhone X-spaced dual camera.


Xperia L2 against P Smart

Sony against Huawei: duel of the cheap Smartphones

By Malte Mansholt

The dissolves in 13 MP, dominated like the Xperia 10 Bokeh but no Zoom. The previous L2 lost in our comparison test because of the photo quality against the Huawei P Smart, whether the L3 makes it better, must show.

Technically, it is otherwise in other beginners. The eight-core Chip MTK6272 should be sufficient for everyday use, the 3 GB of RAM to go in order. The data memory is 32 GB a bit skinny, but can be up to 512 GB of extended. Well the battery is: He is with a 3300 mAh larger even than the more expensive models.

The L3 to appear in the next few days for the price of 200 Euro. It is in the colors of Black, silver and Gold.

Sony Xperia XZ3

Sony promises the TV in the pocket – something

The new Xperia XZ3 has learned from Sony’s TV division-and for the first time, the Bravia technology in a Smartphone is missing. Especially German customers are likely to miss something.

By Malte Mansholt