While the users have been trained for years to activate the digital assistant by voice, get in this year, several new Smartphones with an extra button for it.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the phones of the brands, Xiaomi and Nokia, were presented, where one can trigger the Google Assistant by the push of a button.

In the case of Google, it is a function of its own Smartphones, the brand of “Pixel”, when you activate the voice assistant of the Internet group by pressing the device edges, have shown the interest of consumers to a own button for it. Later in the year, Smartphones of LG, and Chinese brands TCL and Vivo to get a Assistant Button.

the Smartphone market leader, Samsung had equipped the in-house Assistant-competitors Bixby last year, a separate button on the side of its Top model. This step was criticised by industry observers, mainly because Samsung had at Bixby still lagging behind in comparison to Amazon’s Alexa, and the Assistant. Although Samsung’s Galaxy running phones with Android, you will be able to the Bixby-Button of the Samsung devices not the Google Assistant repurpose, explained the Internet group.