Also on new year’s eve the Smartphone is always with you…

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On new year’s eve is back in fashion Party! So the new year is not in the pants, there are numerous Apps that help you to plan the perfect evening. It starts with the bodily Well-being and stop on the way home.

Delicious Cocktails and the mood

Now, let’s be honest: It’s always nice when a new year begins the evening with a great Dinner, absolutely indispensable for the correct drinks. While some of the content, perhaps with a beer, for a lot of good Cocktails or a nice long drink. The appropriate recipes, for example, provides the “Mixology”App for iOS. Alternatively, among other things, the “Cocktails Guru” for Android.

the Celebration is lame, help Party and drinking games often in the mood to fuel. Meanwhile, there are numerous Alternatives for Smartphones. One of the best Apps rated in the sector King of Booze “(iOS/Android)”. Up to 14 players can participate in a single game. Whom the numerous challenges in the game are not enough, by the way, you can also add your own Challenges.


Who is not yet programmed, a feast and a Party seeks could be, for example, in the case of “Spontacts” (iOS/Android) find. The App allows to easily plan recreational activities or parties, or to find already offered options.

One of the most important things on new year’s eve is to lose the time. Who wants to take it really carefully, for the Apps such as the “atomic clock (Gorgy Timing)” (iOS) or the “Atomic Clock” (Android). So you should miss the turn of the year.

For most of the party-goers, it would be probably better, if you leave in the new year’s eve night in the car. To get safely to a or other Celebration – and later, of course, home -, offer Services such as “taxi.eu” (iOS/Android). The App in many German cities, including Aachen, Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich, Rostock and Zwickau.