Pietro Lombardi convinced by his voice,

©imago/Sven Simon

In the year 2019 a lot of stands for Pietro Lombardi (26, “Phenomenal”). 5. January, he is next to Dieter Bohlen (64) in the Jury of RTL’s casting show “Germany seeks the Superstar”. With wife Sarah Lombardi (26), he wants to finalize the divorce final, as he told of the “image”, since only a signature is missing. And his new Album comes out. But currently, he has directed the views of the past – to the delight and Surprise of his Fans.

still hip: “Green eyes”

Pietro Lombardi has dug in his Video archive, and old Clips are brought down. In a short Video from the year 2009, we see the singer in front of a wall full of football-posters perform. A buddy accompanied him on the piano while he sings lines like “Green eyes, Girl, long black hair – You’re not the type of Girl that will seduce me, Girl.” The question of whether his Fans want to hear a reissue of the Tracks on his Album, garners a positive response.

“Yes, I always want to hear your Songs and album”, “In any case, I’ve been waiting a long time” or “I heard this earlier on my mp3 Player up and down…” is, among other things, in the comments. Not for the first Time, Lombardi gives his Fans with old Material.

a few days ago he posted another Video on his Instagram profile. He holds the handset of a pay phone in the Hand and singing in special English. Not only the Fans, but the singer appears to be enjoying his young self: “I wonder today what language that was,” he writes.