singer Seal denouncing a new project

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“From my upcoming project,” wrote the British singer Seal (56, “Crazy”) in brackets in his latest Facebook Post. Prior to that, a long Text in verse is to read about a dramatic love. It could be a song, but the London-born artist and Ex-husband of entertainer Heidi Klum (45, “Germany’s next Topmodel does not reveal”).

whatever it is, his followers, the small taste of it already. “Not a Soul Cover albums please. Original Seal please. Classic Seal please. This Text is promising…” says a User. Another writes: “I was just thinking about you and that I’ve seen lately, no posts from you. I am looking forward to new music from you.” And these User features the new lines of the British: “A new Seal Album in the Summer?! Hopefully….”, he commented on the Post.

Seal and Heidi Klum were married from 2005 to 2014, separately, they had already in 2012. Together they have three biological children, he also adopted her daughter from a previous relationship. While his current love, too much life is not known, Klum made her engagement to musician Tom Kaulitz (29) to Christmas on Instagram publicly.