In Europe, we connect with the assault rifle AR-15 terrible massacre in Aurora, Newtown, San Bernardino, Sutherland Springs, and Las Vegas were shot with this gun Countless. Despite all of this: If there is a “weapon of the heart” in the United States, it is this small assault rifle. After each massacre, the weapon shops are stormed – out of fear that the government could regulate the sale.


19-Year-old with a gas mask and assault rifle of 17 people in the High School

DPA-origin a weapon of war

the launch of The AR-15 kill was rather unspectacular. The weapon was developed in the 50s, for the needs of modern warfare. The requirements align to those who already had led previously to the development of the German storm rifle 44, and the Russian Kalashnikov. A lot of ammo and high rate of fire counted for more than accuracy and range. From the AR-15 was developed by the former standard rifle of the US forces in the Vietnam war, the M16.


The AR-15 is not about protecting weapons for snipers – but at distances of up to 200 yards, the gun hits accurately.

©Jim Watson assault rifle, with countless replicas

In the civilian sector, the weapon came only much later. As the original patent expired protection, began to replicas of several companies cheap and variants. The gun laws in the US meant that the civilian models were not a real fully-automatic machine more, each shot had to be triggered with a tap of a finger. But even so, a high shot is a result of how countless attacks prove. This does not interfere with the arms of fans in the United States. On the contrary, the AR-15 fascinates precisely because of the direct descent from the military rifle M16 – like any Kalashnikov fame from the AK-47.

the combination of low weight and the tremendous power of destruction. Unlike a rifle, the AR-15 is handy enough to be used also in houses and rooms that are in use. In comparison to a classic Revolver or a pistol the AR-15 has a far greater effective range, a high cadence so a high firing rate and its ammo is already in the standard version, is particularly destructive.

Anti-Terror operation

Macabre record: Sniper hits IS fighters in 3540 meters distance

A canadian sniper, a formwork is to be managed to a quaint record of a confirmed hit on the incredible distance of 3540 meters. The goal IS to be fighter.

Gernot Kramper

In the advertising stressed that it could protect the house and the apartment. In reality, Criminals tremendous damage with a weapon of war. “If these shells hit with a high muzzle velocity of a body, it is more likely that you will inflict serious or fatal injuries, as a ammunition with lower muzzle velocity,” said Donald Jenkins, a trauma surgeon at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio the TV station “NBC News”. The TV channel has been dedicated to the success of the assault rifle, a large Feature (America’s rifle: Why so many people love the AR-15, Jon Schuppe)

After the 11. September was a continuation of the AR-15

Attempts by the government, this kind of weapons to push back, have had little success. After the September 11 attacks. September 2001 in New York and Washington, the AR-15, the Standard. “De-facto today, our standard weapon,” said Evan Daire, employees of a Shooting system, the transmitter. “No matter what you’re doing, the AR-15 goes for everything.”

just as “Kleenex” for tissues, the Name AR-15 stands in the US everyday guns now available for a whole genus of storm – which differ in the Details, in the concept, but all are similar. Meanwhile, an assault rifle is, every fifth sold gun in the USA.

assault rifles: AR-15 – the favorite weapon of the Americans Fullscreen

weapon Tuning: The AR-15 due to the large range of accessories is extremely individualized.

©Wikipedia Commons The gun for hobbyists and Tuner

the success of The AR-15 is also based on a country’s little-known special feature: An AR-15 can be individually changed. In just a few steps you can disassemble a gun and reassemble. Each individual module can be adjusted. The default weapon from the shelf is as variable as a LEGO kit, even the caliber can vary. A lot of people buy no ready-made AR-15, but set your individual model.

By the mere firepower of assault rifles promise in the nature of the AR-15 protection in any threat situation. The weapons of the forums Ex-soldiers make the assault rifle craze in the home to funny. As you meet up with Marines, explaining a six-shooter and a combat knife were sufficient to protect the home and family. With the AR-15 but could resist the promises of the gun lobby – also a scared – to-middling shooter of a group of attackers. Is said that even a layman can shoot dozens of Victims.

The AR-15: More than a weapon

Interview with U.S. weapons seller

“you need to just pull the trigger”

Norbert Höfler

NBC also young Megan Hill, a typical buyer respondents. As you thought about family planning, she decided that a gun of the household belong to. She and her husband are not the NRA, so they wanted to secure something Reliable and Versatile at a reasonable price. And landed, inevitably, in a storm Weir. “We have looked at the AR-15 and it has everything on offer,” said Hill, to the TV channel. “You can shoot with your targeted, protect themselves and hunt. Fortunately, we haven’t had to use them for self-defense. But it is good to know that the AR-15 is there to protect my children and my family.”

For Hill, the gun is in the closet is also a Symbol, but not for the dead in the mass murders. The young woman said: “Our freedom is what makes us as a Nation. The AR-15 represents this freedom.”


Prepper-billionaires – the super-rich in Silicon Valley fear the uprising of the poor

The Silicon Valley is the laboratory of a new world. But the billionaires of the industry of the Future do not trust the progress for yourself: equip yourself for Chaos and Apocalypse.

Gernot Kramper