such as window cleaning was so easy as it is today. Possible window suction cups make it: she way sucking the dirt water and collect the broth in a container. The whole process is extremely simple: You spray the windscreen, wipes once on it and then sucked. For heavily soiled Windows, you have to repeat the process. But in any case, the window works clean with the device significantly better than without a vacuum.

Really perfect the smudge is, but still: almost all providers are suction and injection bottle separately, only the device of Vorwerk integrated both systems, so that you can wipe on a train and suck. Eleven devices were in the Test against each other – eight Times the grade was awarded. In the case of three devices, the Cleaning was, however, no joy. The cleaning was dripping water from the device. Depending on the degree of contamination of the window can become clear, wipe water with a pretty bad black broth. The dirty water bekletterte then the ground and the Tester. The Vodomatic Vileda suffered because of the mess he caused, only a “Sufficient”.

window sucker like no alcohol

The testers used a mixture of all purpose cleaner and water, and rejected the special and expensive concoctions of the manufacturer. They attested to the devices, however, a good cleaning performance. In our experience, the results, with special cleaning is even better, because the veil formation after Drying in the press.

high-foaming cleaner, such as dishwashing detergent, you should not use, because the bubble film does not tend to get sucked in, especially at the edges properly. The old budget alcohol should be avoided, because alcohol attacks on the duration of cleaning the lips and seals made of rubber.

The actual task of the device the Suction of the dirty water. For the Spray and Wipe alone, you do not need a vacuum cleaner. Here are just four of the devices impressed on the Test: Bosch Glass Vac, Kärcher VW-5 Premium, Karcher VW Classic and the Kobold by Vorwerk.

At the runtime of the batteries, you have to make as a househusband or housewife. The WV 5 Premium of quiver made of 300 square meters, the unit of AEG even 600 square feet. So many Windows just need to brush at least private households.

test winner in the regular price segment

test winner was a device of Kärcher: The VW-5 Premium achieved the good grade, or a 1.9. The device will sold for an average price of 65 euros. The second-placed vacuum cleaner from AEG costs five euros more and came up with the rating of 2.1. On the third place of the WV 2 of Kärcher – slipped also with 2.1. The median price here is 60 Euro.

Something out of competition, the Kobold Vorwerk delivery. He brings both operations in a case, he is more comfortable in the handling, with a 250 Euro but significantly more expensive than the other test candidates. Also, the cleaning performance is not the one and with the quality of the best other Window cleaner. Our opinion: Without the Top cleaning performance, it makes no sense to accept the considerable extra cost for the Vorwerk. So you can go confidently to the test winner, the VW 5 Premium of Karcher, because it is not significantly more expensive than devices that have significantly cut off worse.

A reason to stay more in the case of leather cloth and newspaper to Dry. The testers reported that this type of window cleaning have you made it downright fun.

The full review can be found here for a fee.