Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) must somehow return to earth

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Who we make something – in April, the cinema, the world now revolves solely and alone to the “Endgame” of the Avengers team of heroes against the villains, Thanos. On the thanks to a rare theatrical release on Wednesday (24. April), even a day less than initially was desperately planned to. Who wants to go in spite of the beginning of spring more than once in the cinema hall, but need not, race will inevitably double and triple in the Marvel strip.

“Fack ju Göhte”-school Bank in the hall of the court such as for Elyas M’barek. A Comic Alternative Hellboy – Call of Darkness”,” for Michael Caine One last Job “as a Altganove to her,” and cut off parts of the body, not just in “Van Gogh – On the threshold of eternity” – after all, the cinema-April begins with the Remake of Stephen king’s “pet Sematary”!

“pet Sematary”, 4. April

Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), his wife, Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two children Gage and Ellie escape from the big city for a quiet life in the country. In the vicinity of your new home, and surrounded by a thick forest, is the creepy “pet Sematary”. After a tragic incident, Louis asks his quirky neighbor Jud Crandall (John Lithgow) to aid and trigger inadvertently a dangerous chain reaction that something profoundly Evil and the new-found family idyll was threatened. Fast is the creed’s clear that death is sometimes better.


Similar to the Original Stephen Kings “It” is also the “pet Sematary”-Version of the 1989 arg in the years to come. Just in the Horror Genre Remakes and Reboots have a higher right to exist than, for example, in the Drama sector. And since the Original is sometimes also involuntarily silly (especially the German synchronization!), King may Fans on the old horrors in a new guise offers. If you still have the stomach for it, of course.

“Hellboy – the Call of Darkness,” 11. April

In the fight against Evil there can be only one: half-demon Hellboy (David Harbour)! With sharpened sword, glowing red horns, and legendary iron he has a fist this time, a particularly apocalyptic Mission: He must stop the powerful witch Nimue (Milla Jovovich) and the Monster Gruagach who want to bring together with a number of other mythical creatures, death and destruction among the people. But for this you need to Hellboy. Because his purpose was once to start the end of the world – until his adoptive father Professor Broom (Ian McShane) take him to the good side, repeated and as a special Agent against the monsters of this world


“Hell yeah, or “Oh boy?” Now, not Ron Perlman, the quirky hell is so young, but acting colleague, David Harbour, and that the kauzig may, he proves, as we know, Jim Hopper in the series, “Stranger Things”. However, the question must be allowed, whether only a little over ten years after “Hellboy II,” a Reboot of the comic book movie series is necessary. Faster just the story of Spider-Man told again and again – most recently with Tom Holland, however, quite skillfully. Why not also for “Hellboy”?

“Van Gogh – On the threshold of eternity”, 18. To escape April

the constraints of the life of Paris, has drawn Vincent van Gogh (Willem Dafoe) in the villages of Arles and Auvers-sur-Oise, where he treated him sometimes affectionate, sometimes brutal. Madame Ginoux, the owner of a local restaurant, because of its poverty of pity with him and gives him a tape, which he fills with drawings. Others fear, however, his dark mood swings. His close friend and fellow-Artist Paul Gauguin can’t stand him and leaves. Alone his beloved brother and art dealer Theo, supported him constantly, but never to sell a single painting of Vincent’s.


Vincent van Gogh, genius and madman, which is supposed to have the ear cut off. Who would be better suited for such a Ride on the acting razor blade, like Willem Dafoe? Four Times the US was nominated, Americans already for an Oscar, so even at the last Academy Awards for his performance as a Dutch painter. Who wants to take a look at the life, Work and madness, from the age of 18. April, the opportunity to do so.

“Collini”, 18. April

lawyer Caspar Leinen (Elyas M’barek) device via a mandatory defense to a spectacular event: for Over 30 years, the 70-year-old Italian Fabrizio Collini (Franco Nero) has worked immaculate in Germany and then he kills apparently unfounded the prestigious large-scale industrial Hans Meyer (Manfred Zapatka), in his Berlin hotel Suite. For Caspar, far more is at stake than his first big case as a criminal defense lawyer. The victim is the grandfather of his childhood sweetheart Johanna (Alexandra Maria Lara), and was like a surrogate father for Caspar. In addition, he with the lawyers-legend Richard Mattinger (Heiner Lauterbach) has an opponent who seems to him superior to.


With the film adaptation of Ferdinand committed by Schirach novel goes to “Fack ju Göhte”-Star M’barek unusual, deeply serious way. His participation in the political Thriller appearances is in stark contrast to his recent movie and could underline again that in him, far more than “just” the beautiful eye-catching for slapstick Comedy. The Film of his template remains faithful, he will go anyway, due to the kidneys.

“Avengers: the Endgame”, 24. April

As to make the remaining stretch of the Avengers, Thanos (Josh Brolin) terrible deed undone? The Titan had – attention, Spoiler! – in the Finale of “Avengers: Infinity after all, with a snap of his fingers, the half Was wiped out” all life. While Iron Man alias Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) to beat in the far reaches of space back to his comrades must have to do on earth, all the heroes hands full. As well, that a certain “Captain Marvel” could just be functions in a timely manner.


the Highlight in April. “Avengers: Endgame” will be the Finale of the third of Marvel’s Phase, and thus the resolution of the force as we know it. With a lot of abdominal pain, the Fans fear the death of at least one favorite. It caught Iron Man, Captain America (Chris Evans) – or even both? However, is imminent also a disappointing resolution, which Was a big part of “Infinity” in the truest sense undone, and thus meaningless.

“One last Job”, 25. April

retirement is for retirees, the Brian Reader (Michael Caine) finds at least. His old friends are sitting in jail, the wife is under the earth, and even otherwise, the Ex-Crook cursed his uneventful everyday life. The last Time he itches in my fingers to prove to himself and everyone else that he has still got it. And so Brian, the old and the modern technology in Spite of gathered a team of Criminal of the old school in order to undertake a risky Coup that will go down as the biggest collapse of all time in the history of great Britain. However, it is much easier prey, than to get rid of…


“Ocean’s Eleven” – meets-retired-trip – and Sir Michael Caine! Who is charming light entertainment in between all the superhero-seeking Bombast, the can confidently watch Brian Reader and his age unmilden stretching the Diebeszug. Especially since “One last Job” even tells a true story – “the Hatton Garden robbery,” by 2015 – and with James Marsh, the Director of “The discovery of infinity”.