to speak Directly with the audience, get Feedback and lots of cheap advertising: Social Media have become for companies one of the main channels to create Buzz for the latest products. But, unfortunately, the direct communication with the customer provides the cords a lot. A particularly embarrassing is tripped Samsung.

“Enjoy a stunning theater experience with the new super AMOLED Infinity Display of the Galaxy Note 9” for the official Nigerian Samsung Account “Samsung Mobile NG”, the latest Premium Smartphone of the group (here you can find our Test). Actually, nothing special, if not for that traitorous sentence would have been. “Via Twitter for iPhone” emblazoned directly below and betrayed such a way that the employees of Samsung PR itself prefers to use a competitors device.


Discovered has known the blunder of the Tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee, better than MKBHD. He posted on Twitter a Screenshot of the tweet. And kept him so for the Public. Because Samsung responded drastically: Within a matter of hours, not only the Tweet, but the entire Account has been deleted. It probably was a panic reaction. The Account appeared soon, in the meantime, then only the users invited to read. In the meantime, he is back to normal.

New top smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the Test: the end of the flag pole

By Malte Mansholt

However, the Account has considerably less Tweets than before: in addition to the stars-Tweet a whole series of other Tweets were deleted – because they, too, were sent from the iPhone, such as the resourceful Twitter-discovered users. Why the error remained so long undiscovered, and which consequences it has for employees, is unknown.

in the past tweets for individual Smartphones through the small “via were more often”-note blown. Such as “wonder woman”actress Gal Gadot Huawei had sold advertising on the iPhone. The official Account of Blackberry tweeted from an iPhone. And Twitter giant Donald Trump had called in the spring to an Apple-Boycott – of course from his iPhone.

source : Twitter

“a real Upgrade”

looks like Huawei on Samsung’s new Smartphone fun

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 has failed to provide for storms of enthusiasm. Now a competitor is making fun: In a Tweet, Huawei taunts against the competitors and announces at the same time Large.