It is a recipe that works: With smart technology at an affordable price Oneplus power in the Tech scene again and again to the attention, also because the alleged Start-up, with the support of the Chinese giant Oppo has mastered the self-marketing in the social networks perfectly. The 549 Euro Oneplus 6T can convince in the Test, but even so. And, although his most striking Feature is of no real advantage.

The speech is from the fingerprint Sensor: The Oneplus has housed one of the first manufacturers in the Display. Unfortunately, this shows in the Test as less useful than it sounds. For one, you must press the Finger on a prescribed area at the bottom. On the other hand, the detection takes longer than one is used to from the classic scanners, need partly also several Attempts. And: You have to turn on the Display first. The Unlock on the way from the pocket into the field of view is unnecessary. Then rather a small Sensor on the back, such as Samsung installed.


The fingerprint Scanner on the Display is not as fast as the classic Hardware Buttons:

©Malte Mansholt

Sleek Design, powerful technology

The Scanner would have but probably not in Oneplus’ minimalist-chic Design concept fit. In fact, the 6T is to its rounded glass back still understated than many of its competitors. Only a Logo and the double camera with flash adorn the frosted surface. Also the front is more is less: How the most manufacturers also Oneplus relies on a 6,41 inch huge Display with a minimal edge. The notch for the camera is still shrunk. It is only a small triangle remains, the earphone is missing in the framework. That to me makes something.



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By Christoph Fröhlich

doesn’t have to hide the Oneplus 6T also: With the Snapdragon 845 it has the fastest free available, Chip on Board, 6 GB, or a 30 Euro surcharge even 8 GB of RAM. This ensures strong Performance. Add to this a minimum of 128 GB of memory, as the largest model 256 GB are available. Since it can cope with, that there is no microSD cards are supported.

The technical data in the Overview:

6,41 inch AMOLED Display with 1080 x 2340 pixels Snapdragon 845, 4 x 2.8 GH, and 4 x 1.7 GHz6 or 8 GB of RAM, at least 128 GB of data storage dual camera with 16MP and 20 MP and f1. 7 aperture battery with 3700 mAh Fullscreen ©Mans painted Holt camera on the previous year’s level

The camera can see as the sole reason to buy it but it’s no use. The pictures are good, the colors also. In addition, it triggers fast. However, images look in the post-processing is often something artificial. Added to this are slight weaknesses in a bad light. With the iPhone X from last year, the Oneplus so still, with the current top-of-the-shoot like the iPhone X or that of the pixels 3, it can’t match can, however, take.



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By Malte Mansholt

Some of the smaller weak points is Oneplus with the additional features: The 6T is not waterproof, cannot be loaded, despite the glass back wireless. It’s thanks to fast charging technology, but also on the cable afloat filled. Good to also support Android 9: The relatively young System pre-installed.


The earpiece is located above the front kameraim framework

©painted Mans conclusion: a Strong competitor for Samsung and co.

get With the Oneplus 6T of the manufacturer Hirschen provides a strong Alternative to the usual place. The combination of stylish Design and good technology be convinced – especially at this price. For the full-fledged Premium device, the top of the camera and the extra features such as a waterproof housing. The Display, housed fingerprint Scanner is technically impressive, and in everyday life, but not a real Plus.

As an Alternative you can look at the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be offered with less memory, already under 500 Euro. Better technology, the pixels 3, the iPhone XS (here in our Test) or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, even with the finger scanner on the Display. For these devices you have to pay significantly more.

P20 Pro vs. iPhone XS: Huawei against Apple: Which phone makes better photos? Fullscreen

We were at midnight in the Hamburg district of St. Pauli on the road. An ideal test scenario: Everything is in motion, the lamps light up in many bright colors. The largest differences between the two Smartphones show at night: The Huawei P20 Pro is a little more light, the light mood, however, captured on the iPhone better.

©Christoph Fröhlich/star