candidate Theresa during the Umstylings

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Also offered in the current Episode of “Germany’s next Topmodel” was once again all kinds of Drama. First of all, Jasmine has returned to her surprisingly and then the big makeover was in order. Finally, Leonela had to leave the Show.

“everything was perfect here without you”

Already, the entry in the new episode of “GNTM” provided the best entertainment to all the Fans of the unnecessary drama. After Jasmine was not one week after she traveled to Los Angeles and surprised the remaining candidates. The whole team could hardly believe it when Jasmine suddenly stood in front of her. First of all, only a few muted reactions such as “shit” or “Oh hear, my God”, however, soon explained to the other Girls what they thought of the return.

“It was all perfectly here without you,” said Lena. The Leonela was able to agree with and told: “I’m just in shock. I don’t know what to think about this action.” Justine held that it “would not have easily fit”, “if you come back”. The girls are not particularly bothered that Jasmine explained exactly why she had been missing. But they couldn’t help it really, as Model mom Heidi Klum (45) the insured person when the other found it “unfair”.

Also during the subsequent makeover Jasmins return should be a topic, because Theresa seemed to be according to Klum afraid of your Mitkandidatin to have. That’s why you didn’t want Jasmine slept in the room with her. You even claimed that Jasmine grab her in Austria, allegedly, almost to the neck, and you almost wanted to choke. “You all need to talk a little bit more,” said Klum, and asked for the debate, which seemed to be bearing fruit, however. Jasmine had to sleep on a Couch in the living room – what fit Theresa.

A makeover without tears?

You can hardly believe it, but the great makeover in the year 2019 delivery in fact, almost without tears. You could not expect after the previous seasons. “SNiP, snap, hair off,” said Klum at the beginning of the episode, but many of candidate got the inside instead of Extensions. The could not know the excited Girls before, of course.

A whole squad of well-known hair stylists took care of the candidates, including Klum expert Lorenzo, who has also worked with Britney Spears (37, “Toxic”) and Mariah Carey (48). Little Bonus: Stefanie Giesinger (22), the winner of the ninth season of “GNTM”, to act surprised the girls with their presence and seemed to be on the Girls actually reassuring. “It’s just hair, relax,” gave Giesinger as a good piece of advice and Enisa gushed: “I love you. She’s just so cool.”

Theresa told me that she had dared never alone, to change your type – after all, she had her life-long blonde, long hair. Too much you had to get used to it, however, because although her mane was a little shorter, but very much “more natural and younger”, like Giesinger said. Now your hair is not “thin and eroded”. Theresa was quickly convinced: “This is somehow a total Finish with my old life.”

In the case of Lena, which did not have any black hair, was the change much more clearly. After their makeover, they had exactly this: long, black hair. “I didn’t recognize myself,” said the formerly relatively short redhead. Clear that she was “totally speechless”, but also made friends quickly with your fresh Look. The other girls were also largely positive impression of their new hairstyles. In the case of Cecilia were anyway to cut only the tips and a little stained, Leonela took her longer hairstyle “überkrass” and Tatiana felt “so beautiful”. At Simone’s, a couple of joy flowed even tears.

The most glaring change was Justine. “I was a bit sad,” she said, because she wanted to actually help your hair grow. Instead, she got a short hair cut and their hair were also dyed completely blonde. “Oh my God”, was the answer during the Umstylings of some girls, Justine was apprehended. “I pray that it pleases you”, it was hoped that Klum, before Justine should see for the first time in the mirror. “This is heavy,” was her first reaction, but she found her change “really cool”. Also Giesinger held the Look for “mega-beautiful”.

Not in the mood at the Sedcard-Shooting

While in not a few tears, could no longer keep Sarah in the Sedcard-Shooting. The Girls should come up with a “Out of Bed” and a “Glamour”Look, to show your true personality and its changeability. Sarah is missing, according to Klum, a certain recognition value. The criticism of the candidate hit hard. “You’re swimming at the Moment, only a little bit,” said Klum. She had more notice.

Theresa, who always had her stuffed animal “Herbert”, was quite good, and Justine’s photos were “beautiful,” as Klum ruled. Leonela had to focus on shooting more on her face and Jasmine took the whole of 276 Attempts for a usable recording. No the only really useful image of the “Glamour”Look was Lena, who was very disappointed and began to cry. She was now “totally scared” and I hope that you’ll give her a Chance.

A round of self-congratulation

The upcoming decision-making Walk want to see Klum “a proud, a self-conscious Catwalk of you”. In gorgeous robes by Designer Michael Costello (36), has also been Beyoncé (37, “Halo”) and Jennifer Lopez (49) clothes, should emergence of the young models. The Girls should say at the end of the Walks your reflection in the mirror, what do you like about your new Looks and even a Declaration of love.

This opportunity was particularly Theresa not to be missed. “You’re just so wonderful,” languished. “I’m just so overwhelmed by you. […] I love you, you’re just unique.” The only one that was applied to the apparently too thick, Jasmine, had to laugh out loud. According to your own Walk, you, however, had little reason for joy, because she stumbled and Klum showed themselves and a guest judge Giesinger not very convinced by her. Nevertheless, they came, they must now give “Gas”.

Also very nervous Lena, and almost all of the other girls got their photos, only Leonela am The end is blank, because according to Klum, she was “always so unfocused and maybe a little bit listless.” Leonela was easy to live shy for the Model.