Daniela Katzenberger Lucas Cordalis enjoy with daughter Sophia of the time in Majorca


New episodes of the popular docu-Soap Daniela Katzenberger (32, “A chick Slims down”) at RTL II are in the Pipeline. As the station announced, will be from the 25. March aired three episodes every Monday at 21:15. The new editions are under the squadron name of “family happiness in Mallorca” and show the cat, her husband Lucas Cordalis (51, “I Have a Dream”) and daughter Sophia (3) in the case of the apartment search.

After the young family has terminated their rental apartment in Mallorca and the residence in the black forest, sold one temporarily in the case of Costa Cordalis (74, “dance with me”) and his wife Ingrid (74). However, the Finca, the crooner is quickly too small, so a new home must be found urgently. After a new apartment was found, go off the problems, however, so:

Daniela is out to paint everything pink, and wants to let in addition, your ten wardrobes of Germany, to the Balearic island. Quite to the displeasure of Lucas, who is anything but enthusiastic. The young life of Sophia, who is now in a Spanish Kindergarten and a lot of new friends there seems to be a large amount of space in the three episodes.