Thomas Gottschalk in his new show “Gottschalk reads?”

©BR/Philipp Kimmel kennel

What a Bang! A day before the Start of his new professional Engagements for a large private change in the life of Thomas Gottschalk (68, “autumn blonde: The autobiography”) to the public. He and wife Thea have separated after more than 40 years.

In the new literature show “Gottschalk reading?” starting today, Tuesday, it will be however, not an issue, because it was recorded a few days ago in Augsburg. What the viewers can look forward to, betrayed at the time, remarkably good-humored and relaxed Entertainer at the press conference for the show in mid-February.

“literature is entertainment”

unlike other Literature programs, the entertainment is in the foreground. And rightly so, as Gottschalk takes place, because: “I am of the opinion that literature is entertainment.” Also he looks to holder. “I’m not suddenly become rates to the Lite,” he said, referring to his “healthy humanistic semi-education”, he had always put something under the bushel. “I am who I always was, and I do not intend to be on my late days now.”

“Gottschalk reads?” is “no consignment of the literature Pope, who has made four books, which he valued, then ex cathedra [power of higher decision-making power], and, in extreme cases, even verreißt”. Instead, it more the issue “with a certain humility that is appropriate”. Nevertheless, he now wanted to change boards drilling, although “still not thick boards”, but “by the Total dumbing-down of my surroundings, I was suddenly pushed into the intellectual corner,” commented Gottschalk.

boredom is not likely to so pay, at least that is the stated goal. “I’ve avoided all my life to bore my viewers. Even if it were soap bubbles, it was always colorful and I always tried to be funny. This is my claim on this consignment,” said Gottschalk. The usual self-irony, he added: “With bacon one catches mice. I am convinced that people are watching, saying: ‘I find the Gottschalk funny, let’s see what he’s wearing again for a stupid jacket.'” Those also take, “to build bridges”, it was not his job.

launching of the new literature shipment

reads a-show “Gottschalk?” four times aired in the year. Is recorded in different locations in Bavaria. The first broadcast comes from Augsburg and is today, Tuesday (19. To see March) from 22 clock in the Bavarian broadcasting. The shipment in June will come from Franconia, October is rotated in the upper Palatinate, and in December it goes to upper Bavaria.

To start with, the authors, and “pop stars”, as Gottschalk called Sarah Kuttner (40, “imperfect copy”), Ferdinand von Schirach (55, “Collini”) and Vea Kaiser (30, “Blasmusikpop or How science came to the mountains,”) loaded, as well as Martin Mosebach (67). “Before him, I have a bit of anxiety, he in front of me, hopefully,” joked Gottschalk on the award-winning writer.